more Barbie!

Zac Posen Ken doll with his Barbie ready for a gala. Parfait!!
I was hoping there would be a Barbie by Versace since their clothes are definitely made for a Barbie figure. Voila, found the Barbie with Lady Gaga hair and coolest shoes and bodysuit that only a Barbie (or Lady Gaga) could wear.


I couldn’t be more excited when Barbie turned 50 and saw the coolest hoppers show their appreciation for their first dress form. Gareth Pugh’s ken doll stood out the most.
This made me reminiscent of my barbie dolls, which I still have with me and are absolutely off limits for ‘children’ and cleaning, and thought of clicking the barbie wearing the dress I had made when was a little kid.

From Top:
the original Barbie; Gareth Pugh Ken; Surabhi Barbie;)


An inkling of hope to my fashion dreams is working for Fendi in India. Getting to hear about the amazing, extraordinary firsts the company creates is equal for me to sit in a couch in between Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Fendi under Kate Moss watching Kanye West, Amy Winehouse and The Gossip perform live in front of me. OK- well not really, but I am sure that is what Silvia’s daughters get to experience!
One of the coolest creations is The FENDI O’, the ephemeral private club that travels wherever the news will follow. Everything at the venue turns FENDI – floor, ceiling, lighting, food, casa, the look for the entertainer and guests. 2006: FENDI O’ hosted a party at Tokyo where Nigo created a one off architecture under which was a live performance by fashionista du jour KanyeWest. 2008: FENDI O’ hosted the finale after party of Cannes Film Festival. 2008: Opening their flagship store in Avenue Montaigne Paris by getting the hottest-at-that-moment (and cancelling all her shows at-the-moment) Amy Winehouse not only to perform live at FENDI O’ but to wear Fendi too. Then followed the Birthday celebration of the non-Hollywood fashion queen Dita Von Teese as Paris fashion Week closure party (music by Alice Dellal, Daisy Lowe and Pixie Geldof). Christian Louboutin, Kylie Minogue cheered on as Miss Teese licked the knife of her hot-red colored cake. If this was not enough of firsts, most recently FENDI O’ hosted the PFW AW0910 party with live performance by indie girl-only to be seen on magazine covers- Beth Ditto. Karl Lagerfeld, Silvia Fendi, Kate Moss and little miss Fendis looked with awe when Ditto gave a (st)ripping performance.
To me it is amazing to learn that a brand that started in 1925 as the epitome of luxury, today involves with cutting edge artists to give not only its loyal customers, but the punk teens as well, something to get excited about.

From top:
Amy Winehouse Fendi O’ stage; Happy Fendi O’ Birthday Dita Von Teese; The Roitfields at the Fendi O’ Cannes party; Karl Lagerfeld and Beth Ditto; Unkle Karl looking over The Gossip live at Fendi O’; MK Olsed, Silvia Fendi, Amy Winehouse, and Karl Lagerfeld at the Avenue Montaigne; Family affair: Fendi CEO Michael Burke, Silvia Fendi and daughter with Kate Moss.

Store Window

Rajesh Pratap Singh store window at Lodhi, Delhi.
I have been to this locality several times but until recently I had not spotted the store. Right next to the Manish Arora store, you can understand why. Inside the store the theme of basics continues with white walls and clean shelves. Made to resemble a government hospital, the store will appeal during the ‘recessional‘ times. Unlike his close-college friend Manish Arora, his color palette is restricted to a couple of colors each season. Quoted for saying his only muse would be the dress form, easy to find brilliantly tailored pieces which are not too expensive like the pleated dhoti pants in chiffon, the white shirt with zany collar, or the basic black lace-up men’s shoes for women (INR 450/-).


After seing the totallylikeuhh – awesome (not) Rachael Zoe Project show I got inspired to do some swanky (under $15) personal shopping for my favourite celebrity mom.
From top:
Seen sporting here is Mrs. Simpson with the Indian elephant motif wooden bangle for $1, ivory-esque cuff $1, leopard print plastic spectacles frame $6, red over sized spectacle frame $6, and to match her fabulous hair color: blue & white Hawaii thongs $1.50.
Thanks for all your help kettlelove! without you we wouldn’t have found these great buys and had the best veg. sushi!