Quote of the Moment : NICOLA FORMICHETTI

“..It’s so boring — all fake smiles and big business. It seems like you can sell crap if you put a famous name on it. America’s crazy, you know?”
The famous Nicola Formichetti interview with The New York Magazine. On being questioned about which trends he despised, he quips “Boring Celebrity Stuff” and goes on. Formichetti clearly speaks his mind much like the other Influence rs who have mattered. This makes clear sense why English and other European Vogue editions are far more exhilarating than its American Hollywood cousin.

Quote of the Moment: PELAYO

“These are the times that I’m gonna miss when I grow up. I’m already feeling nostalgic about it. But then no. I don’t ever allow myself to feel nostalgic, that’s a weakness. We should always look forward. There is so many things to come. Good and bad. So here I am: waiting”
Pelayo is a famous blogger(www.katelovesme.blogspot.com). This was from his recent post about coming near to the end of second year at Central. St. Martins design course. This gorgeous blogger is sure to be shaking the fashion world while the tremors are already being felt everywhere from his existence.

Quote of the Moment – Chapter One

As one of the raison d’être of Lovestruckcow.blogspot is to be able to have an outlet of all the incredible things she is privileged enough to see, read, experience et al. Posting of quotes by the Influence rs seems like a super idea for that. These quotes will not just be from the likes of Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld or Monsieur Dior but maybe from bloggers, art students, stylists and whoever I think knows what she is talking about.
To break the coconut, find below one of my favourite quotes by Mme. Chanel :
I invented my life by taking for granted that everything I did not like would have an opposite, which I would like.

Shimmer at CIBO

For the Harper’s Bazaar Celebration of Fashion event at CIBO, there was a mentioned theme of ‘Shimmer’ for the guests to have something to look forward to… well at least I did.

I was dying to wear the Shrivan Narresh neck jewelery which had abstract shaped swarovski-esque stones and metal cubes that absolutely defined ‘shimmer’ for me.
Shrivan Narresh being the hottest import (well they were out of India for a year or so) have found a solid ground in the Indian market. Can not disclose what they are planning for future, but I am sure we will soon find out.
At the Harper’s event the best part besides the 12 foot poster of the leading Indian couturiers, stone-oven pizzas and rubbing shoulders with Manish Arora (OK- just saw him from a distance!) was being able to click the ‘ i represent art and i am not little-miss-sunshine’ serious model Sapna Kumar wearing Manish Arora metal dress ( the same one I clicked from his Emporio store window) and his runway shoes. Arguably the fittest model in India, she always looks great in head to toe Manish Arora. Plus, it never hurts to be close friends with designers who love you enough to borrow couture! 😉

Knot next Summer

Blue and nautical has been a staple for resort collections, not only for all-american-classic brands but european brands as well. This resort collection saw another inspiration from the sail industry – the knot. Though not an absolute new trend, will definately be a popular sighting in the Spring Summer 2010 collections.
jessica bohr’s ‘sailors knot head wraps’ seen on Gossip Girl and many editorials.
L-R: Thakoon, Thakoon, Stella McCartney (x3) all Resort 2010 collection see an unusual utilisation of the knot.

L-R: 3.1 Philip Lim(x3), Alexander Wang, Thakoon. All Resort 2010 Collection.

Thakoon Panichgul’s Resort 2010 collection had not just used knots but had given his collection a ‘turban-y feel’. Can’t help thinking if the NYC Sikh cabby was the muse for this collection.

SC by LV

Noticed this bag in Garance Dore’s blog. Fell madly in love.

  1. Simple, classic, block colored, soft yet structured and with detachable strap.
  2. the name of the bag is ‘SC’ as created by Sophia Cappola, but I cant help to think it is a sign for me to buy/borrow/inherit it as is same as my name’s abbreviations.



Jewels of Emporio

Emporio is the first ‘luxury mall’ of the capital city situated at the Vasant Kunj area. I love going there for:

  1. marc by marc jacobs
  2. FENDI Boutique designed by Peter Marino
  3. Indian brands -Manish Arora, Rajesh Pratap Singh somehow find their way in a luxury mall.
  4. The grand entrance (which takes 5 minutes to pass through because of the security check)welcomes with the store windows by the leading luxury brands in the country – Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior.
At Manish Arora – lacquer yellow flooring and Swarovski thrones
Manish Arora metal dress
http://labelsorlove-s.onsugar.com/ browsing at Rajesh Pratap Singh

The Dhoti pants ( I want!)(RPS tailoring is immaculate)
Custom made grill at Rajesh Pratap Singh
With such interesting concept stores, the government should fund Indian talents like Rajesh Pratap Singh and Manish Arora to open stores in all metro cities. With these stores comparable to a ‘fashion art-exhibit’, the new talent will have something to get inspired by.
Another amazing boutique at Emporio is of Rohit Bal; but lovestruckcow did not have the balls to take pictures at this temple of couture.


Today people are getting wiser about their purchases as we do not want to be left with no money for the next seasons. I feel due to this thinking, sellers of course do not wish to create such vast diffused collections to confuse and loose the customer. Instead, creative houses are collaborating all their talents and promoting a single line or even a product from their collection through a short series of videos. Not a new concept but I feel the purpose of these short films is to give the taste of what you are buying into. The films wisely do not mention the name of the brand blatantly or even revolve the script around it. Instead the brand is subtly involved in it and the film has to be seen twice, or thrice to notice the delicious nitty gritties.

The Dior Lady Noir Affaire part 1

Stella McCartney for Net a Porter (such a close reflection to her mother’s photographs of the Beatles)

: Poem

Chanel No. 5

So in other words, Yes I could watch Coco avant Chanel without subtitles. *Sigh* Audrey Tautou in navy and tailored pants.

Manish Arora + Keiichi Tanaami

Manish Arora collaborated with renowned artist Keiichi Tanaami last year and the result were the crazy prints shown at his AW 0809 show. Fortunately, I was able to buy tights in the same print which is no longer available for purchase!

The best part is, he wore the same print kurta/top whilst walking hand in hand with Katy Perry at the MTV awards 2009 at Japan.

my manish arora (keiichi tanaami print) tights

my cousins goldfishes
“squeeze them yneaa! its verry cool”
LOVEstruckCOW did not hurt any goldfishes for this or any post

‘kissed a girl and liked it’ in Japan

Manish Arora was invited by MTV Japan to dress Katy Perry for an awards function. The dress Katy Perry wore on the red carpet was the a-ha moment dress of the show for me. As the model walked out on the runway wearing it the talented Medieval Punditz played an exotic verison of the old rajasthani-hindi song ‘morni’. Morni meaning peacock in hindi made complete sense with the peacock embroidery on the dress. I wish they would air that song on MTV or the new Reebok ad or something.
On another note. Manish Arora is seen wearing the Swatch gold ‘thug’ watch, FishFry shoes, top/kurta in the print created as a result of his collaboration with Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami (I have the same print tights!!!) and a very hip leather jacket which I would very much like to find out from where… hmm Can I get the Warhol T-shirt at least.?
These images are taken from Diane Pernet’s blog