India Gate

For those who do not know. India Gate is a massive monument surrounded by a well maintained park in the capital city of India. One of the very few that has been preserved and guarded by the government.

More than it’s historical significance, India Gate is a place people go for picnics, to enjoy a safe space surrounded with the busiest traffic roads of Delhi and to buy cheap glow in the dark toys!

Posted below some images from the last trip there.

Balloons and the Gate
Birthday Party in the park
Toy seller : glo sticks and squishy glow heads.
Bouncing balls.
one of the many ice creme vendors.


It is the end of the 5 day fashion week in Delhi, and I’m lying curled up in the bed.(horrible stomach infection from eating free food at the FW)
Missed on almost all the shows being busy on the job. But of what I saw, the sets of Namrata Joshipura from the 100th row, the end 10 seconds of Varun Sardana, and the beginning of Gaurav Gupta; there was a recurrent theme of neon in these collections.
Namrata Joshipura had amazing lighting for her calm color palette collection. The laser lights in neon colors – as if a ray of light bestowed from the disco gods – scans the opening model. Then onto Sardana’s show, saw some literal geometric shape head gear and eye makeup. Featuring neon pink short-shorts and condom-esque tassel skirts, the collection yelled playfulness and the Balloon-man-at-India-Gate joyfulness. Gaurav Gupta, always to play the subdued serious artist designer, picked up bright colors all together in one garment for the next season. Prashant Verma, whose show ironically I was not able to see either, had a healthy dose of darkness with sharp prints in bright blue, yellow and red. To sum it up, the Indian talent wants to see a lot of bright pinks, neon yellow, and ice candy green for the summer of 2010. I wouldn’t disagree. After all, That is what Manish Arora’s skeleton electric light bulbs vest was directed towards.

Manish Arora’s show at PFW. Do not have the image, but this vest lights up glowing neon color tiny lights in the dark.

Namrata Joshipura’s neon goodness.
Gaurav Gupta psychedelic experience.

Day 5: Delhi Fashion Week

Prashant Verma’s stellar front row
Pia Pauro’s killer Topshop heels
Future of India fashion: Gaurav Gupta and Prashant Verma

Day 4: Delhi Fashion Week

Varun Sardana show.
Varun Sardana original origami vest made for
Gaurav Gupta show

Day 3: Delhi Fashion Week

Namrata Joshipura show
Family support : Rajesh Pratap Singh, Nikhil Khanna and Manish Arora in front row for Namrata Joshipura.
Edward doing justice to FW with a Dries Van Noten case…

… and a Karl Lagerfeld’s hand.
Great to see young blood at FW.

Day 2: Delhi Fashion Week

Got busy working and missed Rajesh Pratap Singh.
Did get to see…

Prashant Verma’s Back side
The only two interesting people on the opposite front row.
Ha! he was yawning! Love the Longchamp ‘Fragile’ briefcase!!

Day 1 : Delhi Fashion Week

So, I decided to be optimistic. Will try to post inneresting photos from the wills-lifestyle-the longer the name the more important?-fashion-week.
Ooh! Did see a social in Stella Mc Cartney FW0910!

Tarun Tahiliani’s draped masterpiece.

Jenjum Gadi print ready for his show tomorrow.

Look forward to: Rajesh Pratap Singh, Varun Sardana, Prashant Verma and Namrata Joshipura.

M.I.A: Manish Arora🙁 and Atsu.

A Day in the Life

A day in the life of Shrivan Narresh.
The talented duo behind couture swimwear and resort wear (including jewelery for the beach!!)
First stop: The swanky new Boutique in Hauz Khas Village (Official launch on 30 October ’09)
Matching the fabric with the next collection design sketches

passing time/ trying not to disturb the creative flow ~
Ooh Early edition sketches pinned on the office wall.
Tagging along with Narresh and Shrivan to Chawri Bazaar. (A place where you can buy A-N-Y- Thing)
Packaging material godown.
Aa-Ha! So this is where Mumbai is getting the Lakme Fashion Week goodies!
After work head back to ‘the city’ to meet up with Shemaila Khan and Ashutosh Singh at the Gothic open space alice-in-wonderlandy Magique (fabulous restaurant by chef Marut Sikka).
Above: Narresh with the fabulous Mr. Ashu.
Shrivan, Oh-my-PR-Goddess Shemaila and Narresh.
It was a good day!

Bibhu Mohapatra

During one of the many fashion-web-surfs I came across Bibhu Mohapatra’s SS 2010 collection showcased at the New York Fashion Week. Of course the name suggested he has something to do with India, hence expected a lot of gota, ambee/leaf embroidery and bright colors. Wrong. Bibhu, though from Orissa, has been working steady at J. Mendel before his own line debut last Winter. His work is truly international and all ready to be seen on a glamazon for an A-list Hollywood event.

It is a hopeful future to see designers like Mohapatra who do not merely rely on the label of belonging from a rich culture like India, but have an identity from their own life experiences and choices they make.

Reasons to love him (other than his says-it-all designs):
– Plans to bring his brand in India by Fall 2010-11 collection.
– Has a blog, tweets and owns a much updated website.
– Designers he admires – Alexander Mc Queen and Proenza Schouler.
– Resembles in looks to Rajesh Pratap Singh. {No?}

Is that you RPS?
Bibhu Mohapatra FW 0910
Bibhu Mohapatra Spring Summer 2010 at NYFW

Happy Diwali!