When celebrity chef Marut Sikka opened his restaurant, he must have envisioned people trekking up there to eat, drink and finding an escape in the middle of no where.

Conveniently located in ‘the garden of five senses’ the restaurant doesn’t leave anything to be complained for. Top class menu, service, decor and location. I do not know much about good cuisine, but in my knowledge a restaurant (like any other business) should be opened when the owner is completely passionate about the food he serves and is able to spread that feeling to his staff. Marut is the perfect example of that. His primary aim is to see a satisfied customer as opposed to the end of the day profits.

It is a pleasure to drive up to Magique with friends especially now since they have started live music nights in the open theatre surrounded by the garden. Seen above are some images of the music events that I could experience. Sure this no Coachella or Glastonbury music fest, but with the right collaborations, Magique could be it for Delhi.


Casadei shoes for Manish Arora SS 09

cheap and chic

Ms. in Moschino.
maybe not so cheap…

I got a big Ego; such a huge Ego

I took this hand glove from Prashant Verma’s SS 2010 collection ‘EGO’ which amazingly goes with everything !

On an old shoe.

On the hand…

If Addam’s Family- ‘Thing’ wore it…

…It would be dancing crazy in it.

Another one of Prashant Verma’s gifts: His vast collection of fashion and art books and documentaries.
(The Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton Film scene)

For all the articles being published [in vain] in the papers about eve teasing and women being an easy target. I say get into a Prashant Verma glove like this, and scare the shit out of them.

Or at least enjoy wearing it in your own little world like me : )

ATSU SS 2010

Had conveyed my disappointment on missing Atsu‘s show this season in Delhi FW as he had already done his show in Milan! Fortunately, Milan is much more organised than us here and have posted all their images online for us to view. [Yes, I have no idea from where one can view the entire runway collection images of Delhi’s FW!!]

Atsu surprisingly did a lot of Indian inspired looks. He is one of the international designers who do not reflect in their collection that they belong to a particular island. Maybe it was this particular collection, but there was a strong sense of India. The garments were in beautiful summer colors (Atsu has the best color selection), in sheer fabrics peekaboo-ing over not so sheer fabrics, and with gold Indian embroidery/jewelery(my personal favourite kind). It looks effortless and as something all our editors should wear when they go to International FWs. No?;jsessionid=9D0932795E841D9ADC08BE142CD79ACF?cat=DONNA_PRET_A_PORTER&sfilata=atsu&pla=1&sea=18