December 31st is usually a time to be alone and depressed for me. Nothing has changed: being at home while crazy kids go out and blow the money that could buy me the faux fur jacket I have been eyeing… To think of all the positive things at this moment is crucial. Should be thankful for all the opportunities that have risen in 2009. I started this blog. I met the Suzy Menkes. I bought a Canon G10. I got a salary raise during ‘recession’. I went to Shanghai and Jodhpur. I successfully started a diet much before the beginning of 2010. I spoke with Manish Arora without stuttering too much. Maintained to keep positive people around me who encourage me to do whatever it is I do.

I feel happy by the time I have finished typing this. I am happy with the choices I made and will learn from the mistakes made and aim higher. Thank you God. Hope 2010 is happy for all 🙂

Oh! and Thank You Taylor Lautner!

Ports 1961 Winter in India

Came across these capturing images from the Ports 1961 Fall Winter 2009-10 campaign.

The clothes are simple but rich. Rich due to the Indian fabrics, tailoring and silhouettes.
Even the NYFW show reflected the inspiration of the collection to be India. With braided hair, kohl eyes, and a red argarkhaa, Lakshmi Menon glided down on the lyrical styles of a fusion Indian/Moroccan band.

Other than the season’s favourite brown model, there was another Indian model (just found out! her name is Razia Khan) who walked for the show…

I think Chloe should give the classic Indian setting a try for their next Ad campaign… It could be magic. No?

Louis Vuitton India Tour

Louis Vuitton funded an exhibition titled ‘ The Albert Kahn Collection – Journeys to India’ in the city. The emailer with an image of a vintage trunk and an image of what seemed to be the architecture from Rajasthan seemed too tempting to be missed.
Thanks to Louis Vuitton I got to experience another hidden gem in the city – The National Gallery of Modern Art. It definitely lives up to its name. Ready to be judged by tourist, the space is open and well facilitated for the handicapped. The exhibition was in the -1 level, where wall columns were created in the shapes of the classical Louis Vuitton monogram design. Some images were the cliche ones…with fake priests, temples, etc. One of the monogram column/ sections had a very interesting collection of images: Rabindranath Tagore and his family shot portrait style. Rabindranath Tagore – the iconic Indian poet had a very interesting family.. adopted grand daughter, a sister like woman with a moustache also called a ‘feminist’, himself with his Dumbledore like appearance. Rabindranath Tagore was also a special guest of Albert Kahn and had even visited Kahn in Boulogne.
The main attractions (for me) were the vintage trunks that were custom ordered by Indian Princes as early as 1920. The Maharaja of ‘Casmir’ ( another interpretation of Kashmir) had got one made especially for trasporting his polo equipment. A LV Tea Box was ordered by the Maharaja of Baroda. I tried to sneakily click photos of the trunks. A monogram canvas on display was called the ‘malle pour dame’ meaning ‘trunk for lady’ made for the Maharaja or Baroda which actually had innitials written in the hindi alphabet! This comes to show India was a very rich country – both wealth wise and culturally, before the invasion of the West.
The clover-esque shaped LV design column.
The Albert Kahn ordered trunk for the purpose of protecting camera equipment.
PS: Excuse the horrible image quality along with my mediocre English.

The Kane Bomb

When I was googling for Lara Stone images (just another day in the life of I came across her image in the Christopher Kane recently-launched Bomb print T shirt.

I thought he had aced it with the Gorilla prints last season and that that would be his highlight in the jersey-career (like the slogan T shirts was for House of Holland), but this is IT!

These T shirts are crazy cool! Never mind the 300$ price tag.

Its not easy to be Miuccia

Did you know?
A.There is a Prada Book. And you can see the non magnified version of all the pages on its website. An introduction by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli (husband and CEO Prada SpA) explaining it to be an insight into the creative factory.
“Prada beyond the physical limitations of boutiques and showrooms… introduced a new way to create a natural, almost fashionless fashion.”
Miuccia is the Einstein of the Fashion world. She keeps surprising with her own formulas of trends while watching the world take notes.
B. We can download the most amazing Look Book and post it here:

Happy Birthday to Ms. Stone.

I want your drama
The touch of your hand
I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand
I want your love


Prada SS2008
I think I am falling in love…
In love with the circle skirt.

I know there is nothing new or on track from the reigning trend of the power-80s… but love has no reason. These skirts look ultra modern when paired with tucked in shirts. I want to try this in different colors, different textures and different shoes!

Prada SS2004.
Miuccia Prada transcends trends or seasons… or maybe she is way ahead of her time.?
Inspiration: Nidhi Jacob wearing the skirt with tucked in blouse.
Prada SS2008.

FENDI Spring Summer 2010

Totally impractical yet totally wonderful.
I want! I would keep it on the mantlepiece.. next to the McQ “armadillos”.
One day//

Jewels of Jodhpur

In the two days spent at Jodhpur, there were jewels everywhere to be bought, sampled or just to be seen.
Amazing Rajasthani fabric with bandhani tie-dye materials in millions of color combinations possible (if you thought HaightAshbury was the ultimate 60s haven, think again), hand made patchwork blankets in craziest combinations ever, Jodhpuri pants stitched by the masters who could match a Saville Row tailor, rice paper paintings at the cost of a Starbucks coffee, architecture that one could not imagine to recreate today… I feel privileged to be born so close to this.

Jodhpur might be a 30 minutes flight away, but it is amazing how different it is from the capital city. Upon landing you feel you have gone deaf with the lack of traffic honks and hustle of the city. The sky is clear at night and the air feels earthy.
I hope I get to see my country more, the country which has so many hidden jewels that cannot be experienced via google.


I recently had the opportunity to go to Jodhpur in Rajasthan for the weekend. This opportunity was not to be missed! It was the maximum I have utilized of a weekend. Went to a wedding, sat in a palace, visited a fort, shopped for jodhpuri pants and jodhpuri sandals and passed judgement.
The name ‘blue city’ became clear only after taking a look from the Mehrangarh Fort of the blue baked walls glistening in the heat.
An ancient bedroom in the Mehrangarh Fort with balls hanging from the ceiling.

With amazing art and architecture restored with the help of the king, Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace exudes royalty dipped in testosterone. If Udaipur (one of the most beautiful city I have seen) has the perfume of a woman with the calm lake, the monsoon palace with a room only for the princess’s bath, and the most beautiful Lake Palace – Jodhpur’s Palace was definitely built by an uber masculine Rajput King/Prince with rooms named “Chamber of Princes” opposite the “smoking room” and furniture with lion’s head and eagle’s beak.

I am sure it would be an ideal resort to stay at, but with the magnificent tall ceilings and photographs of hunters with the dead animals at the palace, I choose Udaipur over Jodhpur today.

Although … the Umaid Bhawan Palace will make an ideal location for an Indian version of the annual Crillon debutante ball.