Brown Boys Enroll

VMAN magazine is holding a VMAN Ford Model Search.
The Winner gets to be shot by famed photographer Terry Richardson and gets the support of FORD and VMAN.
Something the Indian Boys need!!
After working for a good number of months in the Indian Fashion Industry, one thing I know is that the male models are the ones who get taken for a ride. The industry (if it could be called that) is not respected very well, the line between personal and professionalism is crossed too many times, low salary… it is not pretty. The Indian male model is the dedicated man who chooses not to be a doctor or engineer and dreams to be a celebrity.
I really hope we see some brown models in Milan and Paris for the likes of menswear FW of Vivienne Westwood and John Varvtos likes.
With the VMAN Model Search, the enrollment process is open to many countries. The exposure would be great. And the confident boost will be inspiring.

Terry Richardson’s work:

Megan Fox’s iconic GQ Cover shoot

James Franco

elle fant

The perfect way to waste evenings is to appreciate the great gifts of nature..
citrus fruits…
.. and hands.

Karl the Oracle

It is no big statement to say Karl Lagerfeld in the trend forecaster season after season.
Who would have thunk he would be able to predict Lara Stone’s engagement / wedding a season in advance.

Lara as the bride with her grooms at the Chanel SS 2010 show.
Karl’s Vision

As I am sure you know, Lara Stone is engaged to ‘Little Britain’ actor David Williams. He doesn’t look anything like Karl’s Baptiste or Freja, but wouldn’t have expected Lara Stone to pick the predictable sorts anyways.
Wonder if she will go with the predictable Chanel white wedding dress or something unusual?

LIVE from Prada

Prada was making history when they decided to have the AW 10-11 menswear show live streamed on Having missed Alexander McQueen RTW show on ShowStudio and Burberry a day ago, I decided to get on the bandwagon and watch the Prada one live on the Internet.
10:17 PM:
The show is scheduled to start at 10:30 PM (India) (GMT + 5:30)

10:31 PM:
Could actually see the privileged few walk in at the venue and take their seats and look around at the crazy set. Whatever I could make out with the poor quality of video, it seemed like the Prada version of the Yellow Submarine in 2000 x.
10:43 PM:
Even better action on Twitter. I am sure if you looked really really carefully at the audience on, you could see them tweeting about the show. There was so much insightful information on twitter about the show!
10:47 PM:
ShowStudio Twit pics the AV images from the show.
Some more graphics shown in the AV:
The front seats are occupied. Read some juicy gossip from the front row via twitter. Hoping the quality will magically become high def.
Gossip like..
“Oh Prada very late start as front row seats collapse!! Front row!

11:27 PM Jan 17th from txt

“Raf Simons is front row at Prada. For a second I mistook him for a young Bernard Arnault.
10:52 PM Jan 17th from fring

Prada show about to stream on No action yet though. Will be opened by Oskar Tranum, and there are 10 girls as well as the boys.
10:43 PM Jan 17th from web “

Sure could not make much of the fashion..but this excitement was to me like what Star Wars fans must feel when they meet princess Leia at Comic Con. ?
All in all, a good way of things to be in the future.. I think how my generation could not imagine functioning our lives without Google, the future could not imagine their lives where any information is not accessible via Live streaming.

Channeling Forks

I look out of the window and see the thickest fog I have seen this winter.

It put me in the frenzy to channel the town which houses the hottest wearwolf Jacob Black 😛

These woolen plaid shirts look great and feel super comfortable too. uhm, now if only I looked like stupid Bella.

Quote of the Moment: Alexander Wang

“I want to make clothes to be worn by the men who the women I design for would want to sleep with, not the ones they want to hang out with.”

Alexander Wang commenting on his menswear line. Inneresting take of targeting straight men who care about their looks!