Finale but not the end

Last day of Delhi’s Fashion Week. (excluding the following day, which was supposed to be the first day)

Sohiny Das
Last expression
Munshikins <3

Not just Preeti

Preeti Dhata is a young Indian model who has those unique brown features that made Lakshmi Mennon and Tinu Verghis spell out an entire genre of models.

Reigning from the capital city, Preeti got her break from the Monte Carlo campaign and like most models (not the stereotypical ones OR the ones promoting energy drinks at events) has a lot more than what meets the eye. Thought a small Q&A would be in order:

Q: You have a blog where you write poems and words to songs that are powerful and deeply emotional. Where do you draw inspiration from? i draw inspiration from every little thing i see, every little song i hear, its amazing to pen down what all you’ve gathered from world around you.

Q: What music do you listen to? I am a pink floyd baby, i love them so much off late i have listening to alot of these background scores from alot of these western movies they are so moody and lovely

Q. Runway or Print Shoots? Print shoots, they are so creative and alot less hectic.

Q: You have been spoken of as the ‘next Lakshmi Mennon‘. Which models would you like to be compared to and why? i wouldn’t want to be compared at all, though the whole laskmi menon thing, i don’t mind.

Q: If not a model, you would be a ? a writer, i like to pen down everything.

Q: What are the benefits of being a model? you get to meet alot of interesting people that are not confined to the preset norms of the society. it was something i got exposed to only after i became a model. fashion breaks a lot of conentions with such class, i love it.

Q: What is the downside of this career (if any)? there are many if u let them be a downside and none if u believe in yourself.

Q: shows you would love to walk for? i love jean paul gaultier, karl lagerfeld, marc jacobs.. wow, i sound ambitious, Dont i?

Preeti has a blog where she posts intense stuff that she hears, sees and reads.


During Fashion Week, the stars are not the front row celebrities. The main stars are the hard working youth from the magazines. They don’t just have to look fresh, original, and pretty but also be on their toes with their bosses around and the ticking clock reminding them of the neverending pending assignments.
A look at a few:
Harper’s Bazaar India girls – Gul Garg – Allia – Lakshmi
Bazaar Exec Fashion and Beauty Editor – Ekta Rajani
Grazia India – Nidhi Jacob and Meghna
Ferocious feather look by Grazia’s Meghna
Verve’s Sohiny Das
Maxim Fashion Editor Rin Jajo
Marie Claire’s Nikhil D
Vogue India’s young editors: Edward Lalrempuia and Archana Walavalkar


Sonalli Sehgall for Christopher Kane in Mumbai
Seated for the Kane show, there was barely any element of surprise as we knew the collection would be from the past collections. Never the less we were super excited to see a live Christopher Kane show and witness his creations first hand!

What I did not expect was to see the Indian models come in a whole new avatar for his show. Some were almost unrecognizable purely with the change of choreography, hair, and makeup. I always thought that most of the models that walk for Indian FWs would never be able to work on the level of London/Milan/NY/Paris as the whole brief and training is polar opposite. More proof that putting together a fashion show requires an army of professionals. The choreography at Kane’s show kept the focus on clothes and hair (sponsored by TIGI) and added the element of drama (the show was at Mumbai after all!) with the show ending with models walking in a zigzag manner to give the audience a closer look.

One of the biggest example of my surprise was the model Sonalli Sehgall. I am sure we have seen her before for other shows, ad campaigns etc etc, but when she walked for Kane I could not trace seeing her before. Above is an image of her from Christopher Kane show. Below is her photo from a horrible shoot for an ad campaign.

Keep it simple. Keep it fresh.


I felt like I was living under a rock as I saw everyone wearing Kallol Datta 1955 at Mumbai FW, when I had not ever even seen it at any retail space. He was undoubtedly the most popular designer off the runway. Stylists, buyers and even IMG head – Fern Mallis was seen wearing his creation.
Definitely someone to keep an eye on.
Nidhi Jacob in Kallol Datta 1955
Sohiny Das in Kallol Datta 1955
Kallol Datta from Kallol Datta 1955

In a plastic birdcage

Sabyasachi with his good friend and fan Sabina Chopra  right before the show.

One of the highlights of Mumbai Fashion Week was Sabyasachi’s show. The most complete show I have witnessed live. Layered skirts with wide legged pants, sequined shadows on the sleeves of the shirts, rose tinted sunglasses, turbans in madras checks, wedges with mix of old world brocade… the juxtaposition of all these elements was a perfect prose of textures, colors and silhouettes.

His front-row fans wore the bespoke sari and dresses to show their support. Sabina Chopra of Muse was a step ahead of everyone else as she wore Sabyasachi’s dress (which she referred to as her ‘nightie’) that we only got to see first time on the runway about 10 minutes later.

The mood for the show was balmy with a tribal feel to it. The mustards and the ocean blue palette were made to be worn to the perfect beach wedding your friend is planning this season.

To complete this experience was our perfect host to Mumbai – Nikhil D. He took us out every day and knew everyone at Fashion Week. Not just that, he has mad photography skills and took these amazing photos for me at Sabyasachi’s show (above).

Sabyasachi at his friend Nikasha’s show
Mumbai seemed like a really relaxed place, though I mostly saw the inside of the hotel we were staying at (which also happened to be the fashion week venue). I know the next visit to the Mumbai will be a whole new experience when you have good friends like PlasticBirdcage, KettleLove, FashionRookies and MootBoard around.
Kettle Love + Plastic Birdcage

When I met Kane

9 March 2010 : The day I met one of my favourite designer Christopher Kane.
With the conversation we had with him, I realised he was a super grounded guy and was looking forward to experiencing regular stuff foreigners do when they visit India for the first time.
Couple of things I recall from our conversation:
1. (Kane to ShrivanNarresh) 18 is a good number of pieces to show for your first collection. You don’t want people to snore like when you watch a Chanel show and there are 69 looks..
2. (Kane to me) So what is your blog called?
(me): Love Struck Cow..
(Kane) Sorry?
(me) cow. mooo!
3. (Kane): I am afraid to get bitten by mosquitoes here. I hear you have big mosquitoes in Mumbai.
4. (Kane): I have heard of 2 Indian designers : Manish Arora and Ashish – who is a friend.
5. (Kane pointing at Narresh’s specs): Oh ! One is square and one is circle!
Christopher Kane – ShrivanNarresh

I went blank after chatting with him, but slowly these points keep coming back to me in my sleep. Sigh* I never thought I would get to meet him, let alone in India.

Oh! He has an Indian girl in his design team. Her name is Sarah and her family is from Punjab. I think she was raised in UK only, as besides her skin tone, nothing else said Indian.

Sarah from Kane’s design team. In Christopher Kane dress and shoes.

Creepy hand writing makes good emailers

Live broadcast on

live show will be available on : – – – – –

MOB @ Mumbai FW

When MOB asked if I would be interested in covering Lakme Fashion Week, it did not take me long to answer that question.

The most exciting part is will be able to give daily updates on the MOB website AND live updates via!

What is MOB? An online magazine about new India.
Translating into less rules; more open views; and crazy stories.

MOB Fashion? Why not. Sure they have featured articles on ‘Dog Wigs’ (Wigs that resemble dogs) and ‘Lindsay Lohan‘ under Fashion before…but hey! Mumbai Fashion Week is showing SS 2010 in March 2010 which is crazier than anything else.

MOB Authority? Hell Yes! I am going to someway somehow meet Christopher Kane now!
He can share with MOB his Guerrilla collection inspiration, while MOB can try to understand why there is a waiting list for a screaming Guerrilla T-shirt that costs 300$.

Christopher Kane eponymous print T shirt

School Boys

After watching the Marc by Marc Jacobs and Ashish FW 2010 collection I decided it was time to bring out the small school-boys shoes collection and start pairing them up with my knee high socks (aka Prada FW 2010).

Marc by Marc Jacobs FW 2010-2011

Ashish RTW FW 2010-2011

Can not wait to do the school-boy look next winter.. or autumn … or an indoors event with heavy air conditioning.