Alexander Fury: 

Let’s talk about the discrepancy between your private and public lives. Where is the line? When is the precise second when it switches? Do you feel the need to take a deep breath and do the thing, or does it always feel like you’re on stage? – Asked by Hedi Slimane, Paris.

Sunday May 30, 2010 13:00 Alexander Fury
Lady Gaga: 

There’s two parts to that question. The first part, the discrepancy between private and public life: I believe as an artist, being private in public is at the core of the aesthetic, the message. However, I profusely lie about my personal relationships in an effort to protect that aesthetic and that message. Today people are distracted by unimportant things – like what my diet is, or who I’m fucking. The second part of the question said when is the precise moment when it switches: I would like to be able to say when there’s a dick inside me it switches. But it doesn’t always. I do sometimes feel that I’m on a stage all the time, and I do feel that life is a stage for my art. When I’m dancing, singing, making breakfast. But there is a moment of freedom, when the stage disappears: when I cry. On stage, off stage, alone or with someone. There’s something very honest about that. It has nothing to do with taking off a wig or smearing my lipstick. It doesn’t even have anything to do about whether I have an orgasm. It’s much deeper than that.

Sunday May 30, 2010 13:00 Lady Gaga
Alexander Fury: 

What did you wear to your prom? – Asked by LoveStruckCow, India.

Sunday May 30, 2010 13:00 Alexander Fury
Lady Gaga: 

I wore a black carwash dress. It was made out of chiffon, wrapped around like a black tube dress. It was very very short and had black strips at the bottom, like a carwash. Then it faded into grey. It was great. I think it was $300, it was so expensive.

Sunday May 30, 2010 13:01 Lady Gaga
Alexander Fury: 

How did your old classmates and teachers react to the fact that you’re now one of the most popular people in the world? – Asked by Korin, Israel.

Sunday May 30, 2010 13:07 Alexander Fury
Lady Gaga: 

My classmates, I don’t really speak to all of them. My closest girlfriends are wonderful and haven’t changed a bit. As for the school… that has been a bit more of a sad experience. The teachers have been wonderful – the nuns are lovely, and the English teachers and the head of the school were wild feminists and instilled wonderful values in us. The teachers are the best, and the most wonderful, brilliant teachers. They are truly magical. I have nothing bad to say about the school, but I will say I’ve been really sad about some of the things that have happened with my high school, because my sister goes there and my family worked so hard. My parents were not rich, they spent every dollar they had for my sister and I to go to the most wonderful, expensive private school they could afford, to have opportunities they didn’t have. I suppose in an attempt to also say something about religion, as a Catholic school I have been put off by the very un-Catholic way they have responded to my success. It’s not even disappointing, it’s sad. My family gave up many things, so my sister and I could have a wonderful education. There is such a diluted sense of religion and what is right – perhaps the school’s just not what it used to be. It makes me very very sad.

Sunday May 30, 2010 13:08 Lady Gaga

Can not believe my question was asked to Lady Gaga.
So what if I missed the live interview. I saw it online without charge (thank you very much showstudio) and also made it (a mention) on the great Nicola Formichetti’s blog (http://nicolaformichetti.blogspot.com/)…On the birthday of Nicola Formichetti!!
When I sent it, it was the most impromptu and random thing. I never get picked for lucky draws or such ‘send in your questions’ activities.
Always wondered if Gaga just recently got into fashion or was she always interested in it.. so the way to find that out I thought would be to ask ‘what she wore to the prom’ 
Her answer cleared up any doubts. Sure there is a team achieving those brilliant out of the world looks. But she is definately core part of it.

Thank you ShowStudio!


Zara has landed

So I hear ‘Zara’ is this huge company that makes all possible trends affordable. They opened their first store in India (77th in the world) at Delhi with a by invitation only party. Red carpet, cocktails, fashion show, presentation, Bollywood… it all seemed very exciting. Oh! Also the Sales was allowed at 8PM. From 8PM – midnight, the real Fashion Night Out occurred in Delhi. Everyone was playing model – from skinny girls to straight boys. Zara truly does cover all popular trends  – Shredded denims, power shoulders, clogs, jumpsuits, nautical blazers, Balmain military looks, safari jackets… they had it all! With an amazing mens’, kids’, teens’, womens’ collection at affordable prices, I fear visiting the store the day it opens for mass public. The Spanish must never had such a grandeur welcome.

Designers wear Zara as well

men finally have someplace to shop in Delhi

Narresh working the ‘ombre vest’ look

Shrivan looks good in everything!

Champagne goes well with denims.

Fashion show had models in great hairstyle. natural and side braids Alexander Wang style.

The TRF line will be seen on every girl in Delhi! most products were under INR 1000/-


Inspiration India

On my regular route through the frequently updated sites, I saw the perfect blue colored house of Malene B on The Selby. The blue is the day-blue but not turquoise. It is ocean blue but not green. It is sky blue but not baby blue. I hope the painter understands what blue I want after looking at the Selby’s images of her house. A woman who knows her blues, knows her purple as well. Malene B is a carpet designer and not the kinds who travels to India, Morocco, etc and buys the local handicrafts work and sells it at a bomb cost. She travels yes;; but for inspiration and craftsmanship only. The designs re unique and capture the essence of the line. My favourite is the ‘Mehndi’ to which I expected the expected Paisley print in pinks and green. Her vision was of the actual hands on the carpet with the accurate mehndi/henna designs. See it to beleive it.

Mehndi collection
The blue walls

The purple.



Deepika Padukone for Vogue India May 2010 issue


Contact: press office http://www.tccggd.com/


I miss you…
Skinny boys get to eat anything!

shrivan and narresh gorging on pastries…yumm


Having always wished to witness the makings of the various hand-made fabrics and embroideries, I was really excited to see the Manali women wear a tweedy material dress, which like any other regional garment of India, is not pre-tailored but draped on the wearer’s body and then held together through pins, knots, tucks etc. This ‘dress’ of the Manali women is called the pattoo and protects them from the cold and allows them to use it to bring ease to their daily chores – fruit picking, baby carrying etc. If you notice from the images, this dress is non obstructive to the arms of the wearer and unlike the national sari, leaves the person wearing it free from the worry of it coming undone by stepping on the skirt or the drape falling from the shoulder. Though not the most seductive drape, this could very well be the Indian Grunge look. The women wear it over layers of shirts – sweaters- blouse, they wear it according to their convenience – deep neck/one shouldered/high neck etc and sew them in the same family of patterns and colors – greys with a splash of neon.

After seing the machine that they use to make the pattoo, I decided to take this perfect souvenir home. Not yet narrowed down on how to use it for the upcoming winter – it is a toss between using it as the armchair fabric or as a shawl-jacket.

Prada Gaga

Turns out Gaga did dress up for a designer for the Met Gala 2010. The most sought after woman for the red carpet skipped the usual routine (ofcourse) and made it directly inside. Rumour mill has it that she skipped the red carpet as she was busy preparing for her performance inside. Though the effortless apeal of the tuxedo with the simple hair and makeup says it was meant to skip any dramatic entrance or walk of fame. Besides the point. Two of my favourite things together by the goddess herself: Prada and black tuxedo. Every year, one bold woman does the black tux/suit : Rihanna in 2009, Alexa Chung in 2010 and Lady Gaga in a black Prada tuxedo. Pity we dont get to see her full shot image in the tux. The above one is from British Vogue’s site. If only Showstudio.com would cover the Met gala on video and us mortals could view it live via the internet. Sigh*

Sari seems to be the hardest word

I have been looking at a lot of Indian ethnic garments and fabrics for an upcoming family wedding. Having always dreaded buying the costume-ey clothes that made you look like from a period drama of the likes of Akbar-Birbal, I decided to not waste my parent’s hard earned money and get something that I will wear over and over again for non-Indian-traditonal/wedding events as well.
Still to finalize the decision, I couldnt help get attracted to the traditional Sari designs and materials. Much to my mother’s apprehension (I am not with ‘it’), I liked the subtle embroidery, hand woven fabrics, silk-linen materials, chantilly lace, etc as opposed to the Swarovski and manish malhotra-esque designs. One thing I am attracted to that is not from the past nor present is playing with the sequins to create skirts and dresses that could double as lehngas and kurtas respectively. And I know the perfect designer who could do the best job: Atsu Sekhose. Atsu’s studio is like the ‘Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory’ where chocolate is sequins and Wonka is Sekhose. Some of the most amazing embroidery work happens in his studio which could be the best kept secret in the Delhi design circuit. I will ssh and pray that he agrees to make me some of his amazing creations.
Speaking of Sari, I saw this radiant woman in a Sari right outside the designer’s stall area during Mumbai Fashion Week. She had recently shaven her head which before you think is a sign of rebellion and boldness, was probably because of religious or health reasons. Reasons aside, the woman absolutely glowed with her fresh take on a neatly draped Sari and subtle makeup and accessories with that summer friendly head-do.
Sari is a very easy garment to flatter most body types but only when worn perfectly.  

The Perfect Beach

H&M just did a Summer campaign using the beach for their swimwear line for women, kids, elders, and boys. The women line is not just modeled by any women, but by the it-models. Lara Stone, Daria Werbowy, Sasha Pivovarova, Erin Wasson, and Julia Stegner. In my mind the line-up is perfect with Daria being the surfer, Sasha the Russian white girl loving the sun, Lara with that amazing body (can you actually say she is ‘curvy’ after looking at these photos!?), Erin Wasson the skater girl, and Julia Stegner as the all-star athlete. The Regular Girls of the World can relate more to Lauren Hutton who is 60something and looking radiant on the beach sans the bikini. But for us model-dreamers (read: Lara Stone worshipers), the models will make sure the line is going to be out of stock as soon as it is stocked even in cities where there is no beach.

Here are some shoot images with the models:

Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone
Daria, Lara and Julia
More pretty people
Eat your heart out Victoria’s Secret
Lara’s Video
Check out the site. Photos, interviews, videos with the models at the Perfect Beach.
My perfect beach will be living the life of the girls in the video by Train – She’s on fire. Sigh*
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