Haus of Rin – Part 2

Rin had 2 cats – Soya and Sushi.
Soya left. Sushi got pregnant twice.
The second time, she gave birth to 4 kittens.
2 months later I was clicking and gushing all over them.

Kitten #1

The kitty loved my leapord print shoes. Go figure

Spotted: Mozez Singh in Dior Homme

Mozez Singh stood out at the Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla Couture show after party at Keya.

Why? Take a look at his cut-out Dior Homme jacket.

Another person who took all our (rin and mine) attention was AbuJani and his white Christian Louboutin rollerball loafers. Have no photos to prove the beautiful sight… Maybe Mozez Singh remembers as well.?

Gaurav Gupta Couture Show

Was quite excited to attend the Gaurav Gupta couture show with my mother as it was our first show together. Now she and I do not do mother-daughter stuff ever, but I knew she would love his show. We had previously been to GG’s studio where she actually used the words ‘like’ for his saris and suits.(she is very particular about appreciating designers. Especially designers I like. Or maybe we just like to argue a lot)
Coming back to the show, I decided we should dress up to celebrate such an important event. So I hinted her to wear her GG sari and I wore my Atsu gold skirt. Of course we were the most dressed people from beyond the 3rd row. While my mother marveled the technology in sound and lighting, I kept looking at Atsu to notice my skirt. The collection was very uppity couture. With no expenses barred in its creation, the gowns fit the models like a glove. The models came out to the sounds of the ocean resembling like mermaids,  tailgated by jeweled weeds. Our favorites were the maroon fringed saris and the fiery orange-red dresses/saris. 
Every time I argue with mother about some sage advice she gives me on fashion, I many a times realize her notions are all the rage few months later. She had specifically told me at GG’s studio that she loved that one orange-red sari and the color maroon anything. We shrug it off telling her to steer towards the golds and greens. 2 months later, the couture show features around 5-6 red and maroon looks. 

Spotted: at Gaurav Gupta Couture Show | 22.07.10

Harper’s Bazaar Ekta Rajani in Gaurav Gupta dress with Atsu Sekhose.

Quote of the Moment: Varun Sardana

It’s taken me over four years to get over the fact that you can show cleavage [in Dubai], whereas here it’s ok to show a midriff.
Varun Sardana in an Interview for Esper (online) magazine.

When the interviewer proposed the question if he designed targeting the international market and if he had any intention to expand in the Indian market, Sardana expressed that more than questioning the existence of consumers, there wasn’t a right platform(store) to sell. He expressed that designing clothes is something very personal and that he does not create only to please his market. Having said this he continues that Media also plays an important role to push tastes in a direction. 
Have never believed that there should be a set of Rules to be followed for a business that you are passionate about. Especially the ones related to arts. If you want to open a restaurant, open because you love the food you make; love to see people drool over the food they are about to savor. Not just because it makes for a good business opportunity. Varun is a storming success in the fashion industry because he does what he wants to do. No commitments to please, to answer to media, to use Swarovski  as it is being sponsored, to use color in a collection…
 It seems if you do things you believe in 100%, success follows itself.

The entire interview can be viewed on

words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup

Old photos from Jacob’s rooftop. Heard he has left the city now. No more rooftop barbecues with scenic views I guess.

All photos clicked by Rin.


I don’t eat capsicum, but the look of these farmer’s fresh tiny capsicums reflects the mood very well.

Haus of Rin – Part 1

I know this cannot be my first and only post on Rin’s home. He keep it up so nicely. It is always such pleasure to visit and notice the small changes and additions he makes.

He collects cat artifacts. These are penguins.

His flatmate works with ‘Rough Guides‘ hence all the travel books.

The entrance console table.

The images hardly do justice to the place. I clicked these quickly when no one was looking. Need to click more, better images of the abode.

Rin’s Blog:

Introducing Sonam Tsomo

Sonam Tsomo is a girl who lives for fashion. Now I do not mean “live for fashion” in a Paris Hilton ‘loves it’ kind of way. Sonam doesn’t buy celebrity endorsed merchandise, she hardly shops at malls and always seems to know every retail hidden spot in and out. It is amazing fun to go to office everyday and expect the unexpected from Tsomo. I imagine her house to be mountains and rivers of clothes in the bedroom, kitchen and store. She hardly repeats her looks, mixing and matching her clothes. Her genuine personality and fresh aura keeps me smiling even on ‘one of those work days’.

Monday: cotton top, satin trousers, cork heel wedges.

print skirt, cotton T, black vest and heels. Looking like a hip Brooklyn teenager.

Pencil skirt, patent wedges, knit shrug and beads.

Tuxedo jacket with maxi dress


Sangeet means ‘music’ in Hindi. It is also the part of a typical Hindu Wedding Ceremony where people rehearse choreographed dance steps to popular Bollywood numbers and perform in front of an audience. Sure the audience is only of family and friends who will clap no mater how bad you perform, but sangeet can easily pass on as the ‘party stage’ of the wedding. A month ago my cousin got married and chose to wear every Indian bride’s dream designer wear – Sabyasachi. Find below some images from the sangeet where she is wearing a Sabyasachi Lehnga.

In Sabyasachi Lehnga (long skirt, blouse and long scarf)

We both had Gota work on our skirts. Mine was by Atsu and hers was of course Sabyasachi.

She accessorized the look with fresh jasmine flowers in her hair, long loose plait, bangles, and earrings.