Recently while having a conversation with a ‘fellow journalist’ during men’s fashion week, I realized how there is more than one entourage in the Indian fashion industry. The obvious one being the mother ship = Rajesh Pratap Singh + Namrata Joshipura + Manish Arora. The second one that is contending closely = Sabyasachi + Nikasha Tawadey. Amongst the young ones = Kallol Datta + Sailex + Anand Bhushan…
This is not something that has sprung up recently. I am sure the designers always hung out in a close group of friends from their fashion school days. They hang out together, they are the godmothers/fathers to their mate’s child, they dress their entourage’s pre-school going child for fancy-dress-day (TRUE STORY), they spend Sunday brunches together and they plan their annual vacation together. It is most exciting to see them together comfortable, and forgetting the composure they maintain whilst interviewing with the media. Each entourage has their own vibe; you  terrible want to be a part of it. Together they are a fireball of coolness. It is not that they belong together because of their similar sensibility. Their designs maybe world apart. They seem to fit together like a puzzle that makes a complete woman with all her moods and personalities.

It is not just designers that are part of the entourage:

Sabina Chopra – owner of fashion store Muse is with team Sabyasachi so much so to wear the designer’s creation before it hits the runway.

Nikasha’s show at Lakme Fashion Week

Sabyasachi at Nikasha’s show.
Rule#1 of a fashion entourage: Support fellow mate by attending the show. Even better if part of the standing crowd.

Fashion stylist Sohiny Das is in the Kallol Datta entourage. The pair seem to be sharing the wardrobe, make up kit, hair dresser…

Stylist Rin Jajo representing his entourage wearing Varun Sardana vest. This entourage is selectively seen wearing Varun Sardana looks that you shall not find in the boutiques.

 Namrata Joshipura’s show with Manish Arora and Rajesh Pratap Singh in the front row.

Birthday Dress

When Shemaila started to plan her birthday, the foremost decision was of what to wear. Knowing Prashant Verma to design for strong, powerful, ballsy women; it was the perfect answer for Shemaila’s worries.

A trip to his studio and Shemaila soon wanted to wear all 4 dresses she tried for the big day. Will post what she finally chooses to wear for her day.

Last time these chairs were stark white

A very important cupboard space at Prashant Verma’s

Shemaila has never stood so straight

Fully Clothed Ryan McGinley

Artist Ryan McGinley has encountered great success in the recent years for his photographs. His Vogue-UK interview couple of years ago grew my interest for him; soon after could hear his mention everywhere – from shooting Olympics athletes to having his name dropped in Gossip Girl.

Currently he has been doing quite a bit of editorial and fashion shoots but the inspiration from his earlier work (shooting naked people in caves) seeps in his work.He recently shot (arguably) the most popular brown girls in the world- M.I.A. and Freida Pinto, but fully clothed.

It would be amazing if his art-gallery work also featured some brown people. Maybe NYC brown residents like Waris Ahluwalia and Prabal Gurung can volunteer…?

M.I.A. shot by Ryan McGinley

M.I.A. shot by Ryan McGinley

 Freida Pinto by Ryan McGinley for NYT T magazine

  Freida Pinto by Ryan McGinley for NYT T magazine

 McGinley’s penchant for capturing natural beauty in its raw form

Kate Moss by McGinley. We should have just known he would be a celebrated artist when Moss decided to pose semi nude for him.

Teenage Dream

Olympics winner boxer Vijender Singh

Quote of the Moment : Bibhu Mohapatra

“I remember an old Singer sewing machine at home that belonged to my grandmother. It had a pedal. My mom taught me how to use it when I was 12 years old. I used to find it so intriguing, how a flat piece of material could be made into an object that had so many uses. My sister was very supportive, the atrocities she had to bear when I used to wake her up in the middle of the night to try on clothes!”
– Bibhu Mohapatra for an interview with The Telegraph – Calcutta
The Orissa-born and NYC-based designer has a tête-à-tête (over the phone) with Indian journalist. You can just make out the genuineness of achievers; no pretentiousness and an open book. Bibhu like other great designers has a clear definition of his woman and hence a clear direction for his brand. I especially like the list of designers he digs : McQueen, Sabyasachi, Nachiket Barve, Proenza Schouler and Rajesh Pratap Singh (admit it, he looks like his long lost brother!)
In recent news, Bibhu gown will make an appearance on TV show GossipGirl:

A Hard Day’s Night

The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night is one of my most favourite films. The mop tops, the skinny suits, the english wit… The Beatles could have easily been the original Burberry and Dior Homme boys.

The film also reminiscences me of the black and white.

A scene from A Hard Day’s Night

Zoe Kravitz for Alexander Wang T FW 2010

Film poster for Casey Affleck’s I’m still here

Alexander Wang men’s FW campaign image

Hedi Slimane’s brilliant diary

XXXO Munshikins

Couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw a link on facebook posted by Manish Arora himself saying “M.I.A in Manish Arora..”. What is even more exciting is that it is for the video of one of my favourite m.i.a. songs ‘xxxo’

The swans and unicorns in the video very well resemble manish arora’s designs, however I think it is the printed tights that are from Manish Arora’s studio.

Come to think about it, the song has the look of the shoot that M.I.A got done with the Sri Lankan wedding photographer -Ravi for her album cover. (seen on KanyeWest’s Blog)

Heart the gold, Heart Munshikins, Heart the song.
makes me want to preserve my Manish Arora tights in a frame.


Pop Up | 27

When a young artist came to our office to meet his friend (a graphic designing colleague), I pestered him to tell me more about his friend’s work. What I saw was an amazing original mix of 3D pop up art work. Sachin George (the artist) has studied from NID Ahmedabad and is a graphic designer by profession.It is hard to imagine Sachin is not a full time pop-up paper artist since he is so bloody good at it.

Take a look at some of his work that is posted on his blog:

A cut out 3D house of stairs.

A village with a river too..

Pop Up Jungle! The detailing is amazing.. spot the rabbits and reindeers.

City Scape.. but 3D!

Made of layers of newspaper pages…

The pop up Rupee Note. each character is highlighted with a different layer.

Can not get over the house-of-stairs. A simple idea but a complex execution. The genius of pop up art is that there is not cut-paste of the paper folds. It is to pop-up on its own when the base angle is changed.

I would buy this book. A Christmas Pop Up book! Sachin George has made one on Ramayana as well!

The Cover of the Pop Up book.

It is amazing to see work like this that you can bet will be world renowned some ten years from now. Have no knowledge on its creation or the creator but cannot help look and marvel.


I Want Candy

The geniuses at Maison Martin Margiela created a bag that looks like a golden candy cover. The resemblance is uncanny. The inside of the bag is in silver to resemble the packaging of a candy bar.

Images are from e-retail site la garconne.

Aisha Fever

The whole twitter India fashion circuit (if there ever was one) is only talking of one thing : Aisha. Thanks to HHC, we are getting constant updates on what the cast is wearing for the various promotional events. The supporting actress Ira Dubey has won my vote for the best dressed from the crew (she has already been spotted in 4 different Manish Arora runway pieces!), closely followed by Lisa Haydon (that could purely be as she is one of the most fit models in the currently).

Some photos from the internet that did not get much publicity:

Lisa Haydon and Ira Dubey wearing Shrivan Narresh jewelery.