Je T’aime

Kotwara by Meera and Muzaffar Ali show was a beautiful compilation of timeless and elegant garments. Had not ever seen their collection before (call me ignorant) I was super surprised to see the clean silhouettes and hand embroidered hems sashay in front. These are the clothes that you can borrow from a generation before and pass it down to the next generation. Easy flowing luxurious fabrics swayed from the women’s body and reminded of our rich heritage that we can continue to modify and adopt. The romanticism of the collection was sealed with the gamine Meera Ali and her aesthete husband take the finale walk together.

Mallu love

I thought Varun Sardana’s show would be for the first time an expected one (he did a stand alone show in September for his SS 2011 collection). Surprise! he created a 80% brand new collection for October end Fashion Week. A live (mallu) band, a cityscape set, models with kathakali inspired hairdo, costume jewlery on shoes and hair – another faultless show for us to think about. 
More images and details soon after…

Beach on my mind

Shrivan Narresh launched the current collection in their swanky store today. Be sure to drop in and check out their amazing beach and swimwear.

What I like a lot about the duo is that they have been able to convert their popularity into sales and numbers in a short period of time. The brand is not just seen for the privileged few on the runway, it can be experienced by anyone in the world – they have a store, they stock at leading stores, a budding celebrity following, and an updated website and facebook page.

You can check out the collection and most probably meet the boys at their Hauz Khas Village boutique when in Delhi – India.(near Delhi Art Gallery and behind TLR)


arjun saluja ss2011

 arjun saluja ss2011
 arjun saluja ss2011

ashish soni ss2011

His Holiness


Today I saw Prashant Verma’s show for the first time. Usually running aroundworking for his shows, could never sit in the audience and be surprised. The direction for the show was clear. There was a story and everything remained true to it. Compared to all the other shows, his show  tried to enrapture the audience using different mediums – music, film, guest gift, lighting, choreography, hair and makeup. The clothes focused on the prints, fluid movement, and long silhouettes. This collection could be easily seen on the entire first row audience for attending his next show… or just when they want to feel powerful.


Amit Aggarwal’s label Morphe is sure to morph the shape of Indian fashion community.
The technique is unmatchable and the vision is unique. I hope he gets rep-ed by some good international agency so that there is nothing stopping this talent.

Blistering Barnacles

While ‘oohing and aahing’ at the Fashion Week images for the SS 2011, an image made me sit up and cringe in pain. The models maketh the show – they make the hair, the makeup the crazy hats seem effortless and desirable. But, the constant adaptation into the brand sense and designer’s vision can not be as easy of a job it seems. Modeling the insane footwear, especially makes us sometimes rub our eyes in disbelief. Male models advantage 1 :: Female Model 0.

Sure the Louis Vuitton show was one of the last shows in the last leg of Fashion Weeks, but looking at those blistered feet, I sympathise with the models (you might not hear me ever repeat this statement again).

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Model Citizen

Tagged along with friends for Fashion Week fittings. Its always fun to see how this specie behaves off duty.
Encountered a glowing caramel skin model and assumed she was South Indian. When she rolled her R-s, discovered that she is Car(rrr)la from Ar(rrr)gentina.


new day job

Ram Lila part 2

The Ram Leela starts again with Delhi fashion week – WLIFW starting this Friday onwards.
Prashant Verma after having taken inspiration from Ayn Rand, NY city scape, James Dean, outer space.. has come back to his roots drawing inspiration from the Bhagavad Geeta. I feel people do their best work when it is from their heart. This collection seems like it will stand as the talking point for his designs years to come.

Cannot wait to see what everyone has planned for next summer. cannot wait to post here what I see.