Love Struck me

I have been dreaming of cherry red lately. Red lipstick, red heels, red d&g dresses..
My craving is satiated with the amazeballs Grazia India December cover.

OH! There is a feature by me in this issue as well! Cannot wait to see and post here ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of red, one of my fondest ‘ah-a’ moments in fashion was when I read the July 2007 issue of Elle India. I was in college and hooked on for my fashion knowledge. Not having read a lot of the Indian fashion magazines, I was super surprised to see this particular cover of Elle. The young Tamara moss blooming in a Jean Paul Gaultier dress with nude makeup and plain red background. Sigh!
I think the shoot was done by now Vogue India fashion editor- Edward. The inside stories were equally appealing with model centric shoots. Bollywood-craze was hardly there. There was also a feature on Alber Elbaz taken from an international Elle issue. There was a feature on young Brits – Kane and Pugh.

It is the little things that nudge you to follow your passion.

Introducing Sachin George

The post should be ‘re introducing’ Sachin George, since already a lot has been spoken about his work in the blog. Having collaborated with Varun Sardana for his SS 2011 show, working on pop-up books, doing exhibitions etc is a regular for Sachin. You can see more of his work on his blog:

Anish Kapoor – Dilli Mumbai

Rin was recently visiting Mumbai for work (he’s the fashion editor for Man’s World magazine) and he sent me the images of the highly anticipated Anish Kapoor’s exhibition area. Though he could only click the outside area of the venue (today is the opening in Delhi at the National Gallery of Modern Art), the poster for his show looks intriguing enough.

Touted to be largest and most ambitious project ever to be developed on Anish Kapoor’s work, the grand NGMA is the location selected in Delhi (an obvious choice) and the Mehboob studio in Mumbai (I guess Mumbai does not have big enough galleries.)

* You are on the Guest List *

Recently Elle India hosted a tea party for Carolina Herrera’s latest perfume launch at the Aman Hotel in the city. There are so many swanky words in the sentence above that it made complete sense that the perfume’s name was ‘212 VIP’. The Aman hotel is one of the most expensive hotels in the city with understated elegance and top notch quality. Needless to say, there was a lavish spread of finger food, cakes and expensive liquor. Ladies from the society were invited by Elle to enjoy the evening tea next to the pool. Below are a few images from the event:

The Aman pool side

The Carolina Herrera 212 VIP perfume

the spread at the Aman

sitting next to Elle India’s Divrina Dhingra, and Malini Banerjee (not visible in the image)

Malini Banerjee in a mustard yellow Savio Jon top

Mint Tea + Sunset – a regal experience

pretty ladies – Natasha Khurana (Elle India) and Devina Vadera

The perfume television advertisement was a surprise to me as I always imagined Carolina Herrera brand to be prim + proper and for girls who wear full legnth silk skirts and go for the sunday polo matches… Sure it was not a well informed assessment. The ad made the brand image much younger by featuring the culture of the ‘It girls’ with the help of ‘it models’. The ad appealed to me… And even though 212 is a popular perfume from CH, this is the only one I would want my Duty-Free-visiting-friends-and-family to pick for me.

Introducing Yuko

Met Yuko at an event where her androgynous style and vintage Chanel bag persuaded me to approach her for a photograph. Discovered she had an interesting story… used to model in Japan, lives in Delhi with her father (who is Sikh) and her mother (who is Japanese). The image didnt come very well, but my editor thought she would be a great fit for the new ‘My City’ section in HT City where we feature people from the city and ask them a series of questions. The image above came out very nicely and the answers describe Yuko very well. Cannot wait to approach more people in Delhi for this feature. Hmm..

Quote of the Moment: Tommy Ton

“Magazines are to me are what comic books are to nerds. ”

 -Tommy Ton’s #7 Essential
Tommy Ton is undoubtedly one of the biggest blog-icons for me. I love his style, his eye, his posts. His blog – Jak&Jil has revolutionized the term ‘style icons’ for a whole generation. Making editors and stylists look god -like is his natural flair. Super talented and yet very grounded. While listing his essentials for SelfServiceMagazine, he compares magazine collection as to others’ comic books collection. Being someone who has done both (wait, was Archie comic books?), I am as possessive about my magazine collections as The Simpsons ‘comic book guy’ is about his Xena the warrior princess memorabilia. Infact, my cousins think I am some kind of freak for not letting them touch any of the Teen Vogues or British Vogues in my room.
Anyways! back to the quote. The whole interview with TT is quite charming. continuing from this quote, he says about his magazines:  
Theyโ€™ve always been a go to source for inspiration for me and I just love being surrounded by piles
and piles of mags. Iโ€™ve become more particular in the past few years about which ones I purchase and collect.  Iโ€™d be heartbroken if anything happened to my magazine archive. 
Me too! 
for the entire Q&A check out:

whats the story morning glory

Kolhapuri by Kabra

a good match for the Azzedine Alaia lace pattern heels, no?
Kolhapuri with a twist.

Anand Kabra’s genius collection for SS 2011 had a continuing theme of the Hyderabad Charminar in all its elements. The footwear especially caught attention; had to go to the stall and try the heels for myself. Created by footwear company – Stoffa the shoes were in 2 styles- the flat kolhapuris with a sling back and a modified cut-out work to suit the collection; and heels with the kolhapuri elements and a ankle strap. Something so prominent from India – the Kolhapuri but with such an original flair. I think this is where Kabra’s intelligence lies. Taking inspiration from the classics but creating something that is his own. From Saris, to lehnga-cholis, to even Kolhapuris. His taste is rich in historic culture and his creations are for tomorrow. Not a bad way to represent our country.

Fringes for ss 2011

celine scarf

louis vuitton dress

gaurav gupta sari

Delhi Metro

I have started taking the Delhi Metro to travel back home from work. Haven’t sat in a whole lot of foreign metros so this seemed quite swanky to me. Anything that cuts down travel time and costs only INR15/- is great with me  ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh plus! I stand for equality for all and do not believe there should be preferential treatment based on gender… but having a whole section for women means that we get breathing space almost every time – and that I cant complain for ๐Ÿ˜›