Hello 2011

It is the countdown to the new year. Hope you have a great time today. I will try not to think too much about my 2010 failures and look forward to new resolutions to be made for 2011. Above are a collection of my favorite bright colored images from the past. Super excited to blog about new bright shinny things in 2011.

Happy New Year to you!
photo credit: (top right clockwise) – 
Roland Mouret for NetaPorter.com;  Hermes old advertisement; Savio Jon summer collection; paper toys at dilli haat; manish arora FW2010 look

Top 10 in 2010 wishlist

So, 2010 is almost over. I felt it went by very quickly. But that only means it was quite an eventful year and there wasn’t enough time to grasp all the opportunities that came by. Right?

December end is a time for me to retrospect. Here is a small list of things I would have wanted to have/experience IF I had the money and THE body yada yada…

Its easy to spot talent in London. I hope it was as easy to access such amazing creations

…and many more places unknown (in India)

this has been on the to-do list for a long long time

for my make-believe terrace surrounded by my fake plastic trees

it was time to buy new sneakers..

In desperate need of a jacket.. 2009:dreaming of faux fur; 2010: dreaming of designer jackets

I never thought I would be into jewelery. To be fair, Mawi is more like art

Hooked on Joy the Baker in 2010, but never tried to cook. Joy’s blog is quite personal and gives solid life advice (Read: How to impress a Boy by Baking)
well who wouldn’t?!

If I were a girl.. with a small waist and toned arms…

Hopefully 2011 should be about not making excuses.

Michelle my Belle

One of the greatest things that happened in my career this year was to start writing for one of the leading entertainment newspapers of the city – HT City. When Michelle Obama was visiting India, not just our office but almost all entertainment and fashion papers of the world were keeping a track on her fashion. Was super excited to know that she wore an India originated designer’s work for the state dinner at the PMs house in Delhi. She also wore a lot of Dries Van Noten and rich colors while visiting the heritage sites in India. The designer is Ranjana Khan who makes one of the most amazing jewelery I have seen, and currently lives in NYC with her husband Naeem Khan. Both husband wife are a favorite with Mrs. O. I was fortunate to get in touch with Ms. Khan and speak to her for an interview post the Michelle Obama spotting.Though the article had to be edited/chopped due to space crunch, It was my golden moment to interact with an Indian talent making global news.

PS: Ranjana Khan is also the one to be credited for creating the tulle covered pearls Lanvin costume jewelery some seasons ago!

the printed article on page1 of HT City – Delhi and Chandigarh

India PM with Michelle and her husband 😛

Ranjana Khan the designer

Ho Ho Ho and Ho!

Happy White Christmas!
… and to people like me in Delhi, Happy Brown Christmas!


Thanks Tsundue for a great film recommendation
Must watch this one. 
Had me at Christina ‘chameleon’ Ricci’s moves.
Meanwhile, please do check out the talented Tsundue’s website. He finally put up his original work on a site/blog!

Manish Arora x Shekhar Kapur = Broadway magic

  When we heard there was an event by Chivas where designer Manish Arora and director Shekhar Kapur were collaborating to make a Broadway show – got overwhelmed to hear these many promising words.When we reached, we saw a fancy arrangement of stage, lights, sound, red carpet, bars, photo exhibition etc at a place where there used to be an open land – Garden of 5 senses. The next 15-20 minutes was manish arora madness with the voice over by Shekhar Kapur and dancing and acting by some fancy international artists. There couldn’t have been a better designer to collaborate with for this event. Manish Arora’s shows are already a close contender to huge scale broadway shows. It was good to see him after a LONG long time doing an event in Delhi ( last event I remember was his show in Lakme FW in Mumbai). It just doesn’t feel right when Munshikins is not in his hometown. I hope we get to see his show for the next Wills FW in Delhi!

we were late for the show. Couldnt complain as we got to see it standing right behind the designer himself.

the images really dont do justice. It was the Circus show + professional acrobats

the main 2 dancers of the show. All costumes were done by Manish Arora

and the models came out in different parts of the show wearing his collection

I never said it before, but Bhawna Sharma has gotten so fit.

the elephant arm brace from a previous Manish Arora collection


Fire dancers!

confetti bombs!!

the coal dancers.. well thats not a word, but the dancers had hot coal and whenever they grazed it on the floor bright sparks bounced off everywhere

the end

Manish Arora and Shekhar Kapur taking a bow

The Chivas Studio

Tagged along (again) with Rin for the Chivas studio shows held from 17th- 19th in Delhi. Had high hopes as had long ago experienced one of the best musical nights of my life via Chivas – The Susheela Raman live concert at QBA in Delhi. Since the Marie Claire awards had happened a day before, Nikhil was able to join us and make for the amazing photo opportunities for me to click.

the chivas glasses with a top-like bottom

late comers get back row

bharat sikka’s photography

hey! can see the price tag at the bottom of the shoe sample!

Nikhil and a model’s feline inspired shoes

zoom out

Tsundue with Mr. Kapur

McCartney and McQueen

Chivas organised for three day extravaganza at the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi starting from the 17th December. On Sunday, they collaborated with The Sachdeva Group that brought Stella McCartney, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Alice and Olivia, DVF, Jean Paul Gaultier and couple of other brands in INDIA. They sell most of these brands from their store called Kitsch. So Sunday night they invited people to a show where SS 2011 collections from Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Alice and Olivia, Herve Leger and some other brands would be showcased. Arguing with my friends that having the SS 2011 collection of Sarah Burton for AMcQ was improbable, I started believing it could be true, post the amazing, no holds bar Manish Arora show on Saturday. While Chivas arranged for both the shows, the Kitsch show did not match up to our expectations. The McQueen collection was definitely not the runway one. There were 3-4 menswear looks and 2-3 womenswear looks. On the upside, the Stella McCartney pieces looked dreamy on our (surprise surprise) Indian models. The token Bollywood presence at the show by Abhay Deol was depressing but was quickly forgotten on the site of the toned brown limbs in white Stella McCartney tailored pieces.. *Sigh
Stella Mc Cartney pant suit

Bhawna Sharma in Alexader McQueen

Bobby Deol and someone in wierd ass getup that didnt belong

I didnt expect the Indian models to work the nude Herve Leger dresses the way they did!

the stage lights

not a fan of Herve Leger. But it does look good on models. And the male audience agreed as they broke into a loud applause after the showing

Sonalika Sahay and Bhawna Sharma were the stars of the evening for me.

If you are Happy and you know it, Clap your hands

Marie Claire Fashion Awards

Nikhil invited us for the Marie Claire awards that were held in Gurgaon where almost all designers were present to receive, or support their peers who were to receive the awards. Its super fun to know which designers hang out with which designers. The Fashion Entourage theory just keeps growing. What I noticed was that a lot of PR people have become part of fashion entourages as well. which makes sense as publicists do get to spend time with clients during and after office hours to build a trustworthy relationship.

It would be interesting to do a photo story with these entourages. Till then, enjoy the random images from the event that I could click:

Kettle Love‘s Isabel Marant coat and cowboy boots.

Nikhil with his colleague who wore the Uniqlo x Jil Sander coat

The winners! – Shrivan Narresh team who accepted the best emerging designer award

the brogues boys

if it wasn’t freezing cold, would have definitely gone for the lick lolly
David Abraham from Abraham + Thakore.