Ghetto University

Is that a Christopher Kane T shirt ripped-Kanye-West? 

I have been love struck by Neon since forever. The new Kanye video is entrancing and takes me to this Neon dreamland. I had recently got Manish Arora tights with Neon lights print which seemed inspired by the Metropolis. The same tights were shown on the SS 2011 runway as part of a matchy match look. Take a looksy:
manish arora SS 2011

Turn up the lights in here baby
Extra bright, I want y’all to see this
Turn up the lights in here, baby
You know what I need
Want you to see everything
Want you to see all of the lights

PS: I have a major swooning fest on with Kid Cudi. So stay away. please.

A bowl full of Summer

 Is it me
or does this totally make sense?


Happy Feet

I don’t know if you recall, last summer I had posted about the Clouds clips I found at Manali that looked so much like the Giles Deacon clouds. 

Couple of days ago I spotted socks being sold online made in collaboration with Giles. And surprise surprise I wasn’t the only one who crushed over the Clouds print. The socks take forward the clouds prints. I think they make a great buy and even a greater gift item…no?

I love these collaborations between unusual products and designers who have a signature playful side. It is not a full fledged clothing line with a high street brand, but instead a small collection of products by the designer that you wont find under his/her own label.Would be swell to have similar socks collection by Jeremy Scott, Luella, Manish Arora (D-uh), Maison Martin Margiela, Kallol Datta …

Do you have a list of names you wouldn’t think twice to shell money to buy socks from?

Cushy Chair

Fernando and Humberto Campana are the Brazilian brothers responsible for the creation of the below state of art stuff-toys chaises. A friend of mine questioned their work and it being displayed at the India Art Summit. I agree it may seem a lot out of place, but I like it when new platforms are introduced as art. Especially to me, who doesn’t know much about ‘Art’ and am hence open to all kind of crazy ideas. Isn’t being out of box art in itself? I thought it was.. 

anyways! Saw the Campana brothers work 2-3 years ago when a press release was sent from Fendi regarding their  Design Miami collab where the Campana brothers work was recipient of some award. More than anything, seeing the images of panelist mount themselves on the Panda chair was quite inspiring.

It reminds me of my organised mess that I keep trying to explain to my mother is unique and hard to achieve so she shouldn’t mess with, but to her it is just a pile of junk that needs some serious cleaning up. It is not! It is intentionally put together in a way. The way which is organised to me and no body else. The way -that if modified even a nano-bit, I would get to know in a second. 

Somehow, the chairs are the similar way to me. They seem messy and shabbily put together, but they are cohesive and each stuff-toy is carefully stitched together to make the end result.. 
Before I go on making an ass of my ‘art’ sense, please go check out their awesome website –
Fernando and Humberto Campana art work

The chairs being used during the Design Miami talk series organized by Fendi

The Campana brothers work displayed at the India Art Summit 2011

My Sweet Valentine

Flower Power

I never thought I would be loving a flower print this much. 
A flower print that is almost animated and cartoonish. 
The flower print used in Valentino’s last collection. 
An innocent flower print that you and I can (attempt to) draw
Then again, the Murakami flower was as simple concept as this. 
It reminds me of the 60-70s flower child. 
of Mia Farrow and The Beatles in Rishikesh
of Dear Prudence coming out to play.

images from top left corner: details from Michelle William’s Valentino dress; Elle Fanning’s in Valentino; Michelle Williams full length at Golden Globe awards; Gaga’s tattoo on the shoulder visible on the Born This Way single cover.

Block Party

A Party

On the eve of 3rd February, there was a highly talked about party thrown by Diesel at Lap in Delhi. I was able to go, but very late and for a very short time period. Therefore I didn’t know what it was about…

The card read “come celebrate The Diesel Democratic Party

…and at the party there were models in a window….(?)

Saw some groovy jackets at the party!
…including DJ Jayant’s Arjun Saluja military jacket

The party DJ wasnt all that bad either!
…Diesel took care of everything! the apple juice tasted good!

And it was at Lap. 

Maybe in the next post I can pretend to fit in at such events. Swanky venue (this was my first time at Lap); fancy arrangements and cool party favors. Promise I will attend next time also. Even if I still dont understand what the Diesel party is about.

Being Stupid..?

Solo Act

How do you shop? Do you go with a group of friends? with one trusted friend? with a sister or a mother? Or solo? … While thinking about the enormous amount of pesos I had spent last month, this thought occurred to me. For me personally, the answer is clear – shop alone. With a clear head, I don’t want anyone telling me what they think is “in”, looks good, is “a bargain”,etc. When I used to shop alone as a kid, people used to think of me as a weirdo. Thankfully my mother didn’t find it that troublesome and let me be. I used to shy from admitting to shop alone and if I bumped into someone at the market, I would make a lame excuse like -“Was here to pick up something for home” or “Am meeting someone in sometime”. Any who! that is not what the post is about. It is about finding out how you like to shop and why? 

Don’t get me wrong, I do go to the market with friends and cousins. But it seldom turns into a serious shopping expedition. You see something new every time, but I still think of it as a waste of time. I like to buy something because of ‘Love at first site’ feeling inside. I don’t need another person to analyse if it is love or not. That in turn means I do not shop for occasion. I buy things as I like and then it falls together for the occasion. Perhaps the reason my mother says I don’t look in the mirror before stepping out of the house. 
Still happy with my status as a solo, non-occasional shopper; I think of the times I have a hard time shopping. When you have to buy things for an event and you are on a short deadline — Weddings. My mother literally used to pin me down and get my measurements to buy clothes for my cousins weddings. It wasn’t fun at all. But I figured out an answer to that problem as well. Since parents are willing to shell somewhat big budget for the wedding wear, I can finally get something made from designers I like! And of course since it is designers I like, the end result will be clothes I like no matter what the occasion is. I haven’t got my hands around this problem entirely, but getting 3 looks from one of my favorite designers Atsu was a start. Wastage is a criteria I always try to keep in mind while shopping. I hate that a garment gets worn only once. I don’t understand people who buy 2 pieces in different colors but same style. Do they think people will not figure out that its the same garment because it is a different shade of color? 

Enough of my rambling. I am no expert at shopping (ask my mother), but I am a content shopper. Would really like to know what kind are others. Do let me know if you shop alone? shop for occasions? Shop and regret? 
manish arora changing room. Do you take a friend in the changing room ?

My first pair of boots! (i am so not with it). But it was a good buy – all leather, knee high creme boots from Diesel bought for INR 2500/-

Though original Diesel, I got em from Vanilla Moon in Vasant Kunj

Model UN

Couple of weeks ago, the above photo came out in the paper as part of my street style assignment. I was super proud of this one as the woman was stylish in all ways I identify style with. She was wearing things bought from all around the world – Japan, Paris, Turkey.. and they were all hidden finds.. sometimes from flea market, second hand stores, and especially how some were gifted by her friends from different countries. She was of course quite oblivious to the fact about her style statement.

When asked what her favorite place to shop in Delhi was, she told me about the Emporiums near Janpath (where we were). At first I thought ‘Oh here we go, another person who says Emporio Mall to that question’. But on better understanding her, she was referring to these rows of stores near/in CP which have emporiums from different states of India. Imagine a more swankier Dilli Haat. All this I only discovered when I hiked around to figure out her apt answer. If you are ever near Central Delhi, do check out these shops at Baba Kharak Singh Marg. Espc the Rajiv Gandhi Handicrafts Bhavan which even has interesting artwork in the gallery outside the shops.