April Affair

I came across the April 2011 Indian fashion magazines covers while on my regular blogger route. (thank you HHC). The Harper’s Bazaar India and Vogue India covers stunned me and I couldnt believe the skills of both the covers. Modelesque brown skinned models; great lighting; amazing photography; super hair + makeup; and the unexpected fashion from the publications. Vogue India chose the Peter Dundas for Emilio Pucci saffron gown. The dress fit the model like an Indian summer dream. Minimal styling and a strong simple look. Most importantly was excited to see the model in a very natural shot…
whos that girl!
The HB cover hands down in my opinion is the best Harper’s Bazaar India cover till date. The actress looks exotic in a Louis Vuitton SS 2011 iconic blue zebra print dress…
is it me or does the actress look like Crystal Renn?
More importantly both the covers reminded me the importance of erogenous zones in fashion. And I guess the classic thigh zone is it:

Thank you http://www.highheelconfidential.com/ for making my 5AM!
Thank you Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for making my April 2011!


Ok, maybe this is a tell all sign of having too much time to spend on the net, but dont these two totally look related?!

Speaking of Darren Criss, a gay good looking man to crush over was the last thing I needed. But *sigh he is a great addition to the show Glee. The original fashionable gay teen from Glee completely deserves to have him by his side!

Quote of the Moment: Alexandra Shulman

“Life doesn’t turn out as you expect and often things work out much better than you ever dreamed”

-Shulman’s response on being asked about her advice that she would’ve given to her 21-year old self.
Alexandra Shulman is one of my idols in the fashion industry and who’s public appearances I constantly try to keep a track on (in other words – stalking?). She is the editor of Vogue UK since past  19 years. Vogue UK recently held an interaction opportunity with the editor for its twitter followers. Above is a response to the question asked by RiverIslandPR. Though the entire summary of Q&A is quite insightful, this response has that optimistic, encouraging atmosphere around it. As soon as you read it, you forget your complaints and downers and start thinking of your next big action. I hope life is full of them. I never want to be down and giving up on dreams. 

for the entire Q&A check out:http://bit.ly/gfDWqx

Boy Flava of the month | March

OK – I admit I have too much time to waste away on my computer these days. But I will try to make it up to you– Free Mint Choco Chip scoop for everyone! You get a scoop! you get a scoop! you all get a scooop!

No. Maybe if I was Willy Wonka, I could make it happen.

Anyways, so ‘Boy Flava of the month’ is about a boy who is the flavor right now according to lovestruckcow. As I watch Nick and Norah for the Nth time, I realize how perfect Michael Cera is for me. for now. Anyways! he is like the flavour Mint Chocolate chip ice creme. It looks unnatural. It doesn’t seem too appealing. But once you taste it, you are hooked on to it. Its the perfect mix of unsettling mint and comforting chocolate. Sigh ** Michael mint choco chip Cera **
I might be really pushing it now, but does he not resemble young Bill Gates? 
I think he would be perfect to play him in a movie!

No show

If you have been reading my tweets, you will know what a bitter blogger I am as I cant attend Lakme Fashion Week Resort 2011 in Mumbai this year. Last year was the most fun I have had at FW. Met Christopher Kane. Attended the first ever show by my friends and instant hit designers Shivan Narresh. Had a blast after hours with Mumbai natives HiddenButton and PlasticBirdcage. Stalked and got-to-know-better the HHConfidential ladies. Had even more fun reporting for MOB magazine and tweeting for them.

Anyways, not all is sad as this year they are live streaming the shows. But it would have been totally different if was attending the FW.

Oh well! Since it is doc’s orders to have bed rest – I will watch the shows online and KettleLove’s awesome video ‘Dans Bombay’ while tucked in my bed.

My I-D

My friend Samira recently helped me make my official (if its printed- its official.) business cards. I was kinda psyched to create collateral for this identity that had come into being under lovestruckcow. Initially I had started thinking it would probably be a journal to keep life experiences. Almost a private blog which I will forcefully make my friends read and comment on… It feels super great to know there have been few more people visiting and reacting to the blog. To have feedback on the blog is a super weird but positive feeling. To create a card for the blog would encourage more communication and feedback, which to me is always good to have.

Anyways, back to the cards. So Samira helped me make em. I had been thinking of asking her to help me design other stuff since a long time. I had worked with her during my old office days on design projects and was aware of her unique design voice.

So after a small visit to her place, I realized she had graduated into becoming an entrepreneur with a legitimate studio under her and her friend’s name. The studio is called Studio Ek Saat (एक =1 and सात  =7)which is the address of the office building as well – CR Park A-17, New Delhi.

I vouch for this studio not only because Samira is my friends. But also because:
A. They are 2 like minded designers working together to create more personalized and intimate designs. No corporate cut-paste job.
B. They have a sweet tea and coffee setup inside.
C. They have a Beatles poster hanging inside. Who can have bad taste if they like The Beatles huh? Oh! and if you are lucky (I wasn’t) you can see/touch/smell the Beatles postcard signed by THE FAB 4 themselves! Thats one story I wouldn’t mind hearing over and over!
I wouldn’t know how to rightly describe the amazing work the duo can do; check their website and facebook page to know more. 

Even though the studio is not fully furbished, Samira is doing full duty on her laptop

That’s so Random

Wasnt that a TV show?

..I would know. 

But sometimes I do other things like:

await for my biannual subscription of Love to arrive

sit on the Mosaic vintage floor of me room
Eat grilled cheese sandwich… OK that happens a lot
seek attention (this only looks dramatic. It was a nothing)

go to new places from the metro
realise its not so new on closer inspection
meet a gentleman with his swagger on
get a bumpy ride like no other roller coaster ride sitting on a cycle rickshaw

Introducing Dakpa

HT City – 03-03-11

Comic Con India

Some time back, the first ever Comic Book Convention of India was held at Dilli Haat in Delhi. After having heard so much about the San Diego Comic Con, I thought a visit was a must to see what talent and nerd-enthusiasm lies at home. I had heard the creator of Simpoo would be present too, and that got me thinking that comic-con really included a whole wide variety of creations. From the traditional comics – Chacha Chowdhry, Pinki and Billoo to graphic novels (yes they are making em here), Also animated characters on TV, children books characters… all are included at this convention.
fellow geeks
what I wore to represent ;D

Simpoo: Haath upar karke khare ho jao..

I didnt even know there was a MAD -esque magazine in India

But I am a nerd who;s comics will always be fashion magazines *sigh

Tree Top

I recently got a chance to cross of one of the Top ten in 2010 todo items. Living in a tree house. Now this tree house is a hotel/resort with room service and clean linen daily, but it was still a house on top of a tree. The best part about living on a tree – being IN nature. Its as close as I could imagine.
room view – the tree branches went through the room

one of the tree houses. If you see carefully, there is a huge tree going through the hut

what a sunrise. Saw birds, squirrels, and monkeys from my bed.

that red thing is the monkey’s ass

The tree branch went right through the bed side
The resort can arrange for a night safari through the jungle (yes in jaipur)

a view across to the other rooms