I recently got to go to Kokata for an exciting project for Marie Claire India. (more on it soon)
In the few hours I had, I got to roam around and see some city spots before coming back home. It is interesting how they live there. Its leisurely – not like Delhi. From what I hear about Italy, it seemed like the Italy of India. I like this atmosphere to have had if I was in school. I wish they have more universities and schools there, cause it would make a great home to young students.

old houses

victoria memorial hall

not the Howrah Bridge
Flury’s cafe at Park Street

Tarun Tahiliani FW 2011

TT is one of the oldest and finest fashion brand in the country. Famous for dressing the elitist of the elitist ladies and their daughters, the designer has made his name in fine draped rich garments. If you win a lottery tomorrow and want to fit in the rich kids club, buy yourself a Tarun Tahiliani garment and you are set to go.
Other than that, since the designer built a fashion house out of a name early on, he mentored one of the most talented emerging talents of today like Atsu, Morphe’s Amit Aggarwal, Rakesh Agarwal, Vineet Behl. I like how all these designers have their own distinct language, but they do have a  common refined style and high knowledge of draping fabrics…no?








Inspired much

Super expensive Gucci Belt Vs $26.90 ASOS.COM belt

Atsu Fall Winter 2011

Designer Atsu Sekhose had a memorable showing at this Fashion Week. Perhaps because he was doing a show after one year (in Delhi). Regardless, Atsu understands the woman’s body or decides to respect it. His sensibility is strong but romantic. Sequins and the best color combination is something to look forward to from him.
In my opinion he is an ideal designer to create looks for the ingrown season called ‘festive’. It is a season that starts in October till December. It is ‘festive’ because the celebrations –  Diwali, Dussera, Weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving etc happen in this period. It is when city people invest in glamorous clothes and like to deck up. You would hardly know anyone in India who would buy fur coats but you would easily know women who own handmade – embroidered -custom tailored clothes. While Atsu doesnt do Indian traditional wear, he does beautiful hand embroidered timeless garments that in my opinion are the only clothes worth splurging on. Isnt that what all modern women need to have in their wardrobe?  A one-of-a-kind designer dress that you can wear when you want to shine in a crowd and which will last a lifetime. 

The new Sari

Look forward to witnessing the token Sari-style on the runway at Fashion Week.
Sure, I used to crib the opposite some years ago when all you saw in terms of Indian fashion shows was saris and lehngas. This was not my way of rebelling against the traditional. Far from it. I respect the original Indian draping styles of saris. Anyways, Why I used to loathe the showdown of saris on the runway was because it hardly showed the skills of the designers. Sure the sari was pretty and the fabric was delicate and embroidery was hand done – but none of these show the skills of the designer. They show the awesome skills of the kaarigar and the tailors. I thought it was a sham to show the same ol’ silhouette under a designer’s name when the designer was not doing much.

Much has changed now. The last Delhi Fashion Week did witness some showcase of saris. And in  original take by the designer. Seems like the plunging ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ style is passe and practicality and Freedom Fighters were the inspiration for the Fall Winter sari styles. See below some leading designers’ take on the sari for the next season.
Neeru Kumar’s style reminded me of A+T style of draping

The cinching skinny leather belt made the silhouette

Master of Draping, Tarun Tahiliani had saris with velvet jackets as blouse

Abraham and Thakore could be relied on for new styles in traditional wear

The Houndstooth print sari with shirt blouse and cropped palu proves my point

Dev R Nil had jackets as blouse as well

Anand Kabra is another ingenious designer to play with the traditional styles and update them in his own way

The king of demure – Sabyasachi played risque this time by allowing naked arms- but the buttoned up blouse balanced the skin play

Poor rich kid

I am delusional. 
I make up titles in my head while clicking photos.
This one was clicked purely for the reason to claim a title. 

This was at Tarun Tahiliani’s coveted show where a kid was painfully being made attend the show. If that wasn’t enough, the kid had to sleep in the uncomfortable front row while others marveled at the designer’s creations or ogled at the models.  
Dont blame him. That could be me at a Cricket match.

kid next to the orange bag on the front row at Tarun Tahiliani

Kallol Datta 1955

Kallol Datta is a guy everybody is talking about. 
And for all the right reasons. 
No strategic PR/marketing cliche tricks; the word has spread organically. 
Some unexpected Godmothers supporting the young lad and some super-creatives wearing him on a recurring basis. 
Phish! even trying to analyze his work like this is so ‘Un-Kallol Datta’. 

His latest show had models come out in his signature strait jackets and right-angle silhouette garments. The crazy bit about his designs – they seem like the most comfortable things yet the most complicated in their stitching. I guess that is the sign of a good designer. After having seen couple of his shows in the past, I thought the last one was the best till date. With original prints and clearer vision, I feel this might be the season I am lucky and get to buy one of his creations. 
Check out some of the images I clicked from his Fall Winter 2011-12 show. In the end it gets blurry… maybe it was the dementia. Somebody get me into a strait jacket!

Behind the scenes @ Delhi Fashion Week April 2011

Vidya Balan with her Fendi bag
Nikhil D’s awesome shirt

Indrani Dasgupta looks good in any getup

This is how fashion editors play Holi.

Glad she held onto her Fendi peekaboo closely

Sue Castellino with her boss MissMalini

Models look good even when goofy
ShivanNarresh muse and brand manager – Manisha

Mr. Goodlookin Shivan Bhatiya

Rajesh Pratap Singh backstage right before his show. I was intimidated to click him when he was this pensive

two of the best looking brown models at the moment – Tinu Verghis and Rachel

Show me you shoe

Boy Scouts at the Zoo

Manish Arora lovin’

Slit Up

After my last post about international shows showing thigh high fashion and the same getting imitated by the covers, I was on a look out for thighs on the Delhi Fashion Week runway. It even prompted one of the designers to ask me ” Are you a lesbo?”. 
I  am… for hot fashion like this! 😛

The most tasteful show of skin award goes to Namrata Joshipura

Namrata Joshipura

more Namrata Joshipura

James Ferreira.. but his own flowing top with denim short shorts was the queen of all slits

Atsu Sekhose

even demure Sabyasachi had some high slits on skirts!