Not a still frame by Sandro Koop

Artist Sandro Kopp recently exhibited his paintings of friends as seen on Skype. He calls it a hybrid of a painting done from life and a painting done from a photograph. He has always questioned the form of creating a painting from a photograph as opposed to from an actual 3D object. The Skype mode of visual strips away the presence of 3 dimension but kept the elements of engagement and time passing intact. The ‘sitter’ stays connected to him on Skype throughout the duration of the painting which is usually 3-5 hours. The best part is the flaws of unclear imagery and false lighting that the skype chats create are apparent in his work. His subjects are friends(well known people) like photographer Ryan McGinley, designer Haider Ackerman, jewelery designer Waris Ahluwalia  and his girlfriend actress Tilda Swinton.
waris ahluwalia

John C Reilly

musician Patrick Wolf

artist (centre) with Ryan McGinley (left)

 artist with Haider Ackerman

self portrait

actor Thomas Kretschmann

“…And my impression is that, because people are in their own environment and because a computer is a less imposing presence in the room than a person is, they are perhaps more relaxed and less on guard than they would be in an ordinary portrait painting scenario.” 

“I think the tension between such an ancient tradition and the modernity of the technology involved is the very fuel for this piece… I love it.”
– Sandro Kopp excerpts from an interview with Another magazine

All images are taken from the internet. 

For more information on artist Sandro Kopp visit
‘Not a still frame’ exhibit is on at the  
78 rue des Archives , Paris 3, France

Not cool like Kopp’s sitters, but on Skype now under Lovestruckcow

Earn your Stripes

Rahul Mishra‘s FW 2011 look

Rahul Mishra’s FW 2011 look

Yet again, finding inspiration in Sabyasachi FW 2011 show

Sasank during Fashion Week

Model Neha Kapur and Vogue fashion editor Edward wearing their summer stripes

The roof of Zoo bar

Rajesh Pratap Singh FW 2011

Nell‘s tweed Chanel 2.55 bag
Nikhil D‘s Japanese inspired  ‘New Order’ fashion shoot in Marie Claire May 2011 issue – Abraham and Thakore trousers

more images from Nikhil D’s  ‘New Order’ fashion shoot in Marie Claire May 2011 issue -(left) Kallol Datta 1955 dress

Prada SS 2011

White Lace

HT City – Hindustan Times – Page 6 – 21 May 2011 – article

 White lace has fast become a big thing. I personally love this trend and was excited to see high-street versions in affordable prices. Marks and Spencers especially has the perfect lace dress… something that Twiggy wore in 60s. Anywho, the icing on the cake was the recently concluded Cannes film festival. So many celebrities wore Dolce and Gabbana’s SS 2011 white lace dresses – Bianca Balti, Sarah Jessica Parker, Uma Thurman, Sonam Kapoor. I stole some images off the net to sum up the trend mood. Enjoy:

a formal way to wear lace – Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing at Cannes red carpet
actress Elisabeth Olsen wore a full length dress in casual yet summer chic way
mommy Bianca Balti looked hotter than ever in Dolce and Gabbana

Bianca at De Grisogono event. Looks like the Dolce and Gabbana one piece…

Sarah Jessica Parker at Cannes in Dolce and Gabbana
Katy Perry at the Coachella music festival – you know its going to be popular if you wear it off the red carpet!

Kate Bosworth at Nylon party in Dolce and Gabbana dress

Produces and Ron Howard’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard at Cannes

Sonam Kapoor wearing of the season Dolce and Gabbana dress at Cannes (as tweeted by her sister and apparent style guide Rhea Kapoor)
This has to be my favourite image. If trends had spokespersons, Charlotte Le Bon would be my nomination.  @ 63rd Cannes Film Festival

lastly, the bellisimo cover story of Vogue US June 2011 issue with Penelope Cruz.

Cannes touch this

Of course I am gonna rant about the ongoing Cannes Film Festival. Its the best summer time red carpet event there is!
From what I have seen, I am crushing over the older/wiser/experienced women making the appearance. Seems like having gracefully aged is the best beauty must have.There is just something so attractive to me to see confident women on the carpet who are not putting up an act or trying to please anyone. Tilda Swinton, Uma Thurman, Aishwarya Rai, Penelope Cruz – LOVE magazine should do an issue with these women. no? Seems so Vogue to be like them.
My favourite images till now:

love this photo at the screening of French film Polisse. There are eight people holding hands and walking the red carpet in gowns and tuxedos. Only at Cannes!

Asia is the flavour right now (check out V magazine Asia Issue ). Whoever is styling actress Fan Bing Bing deserves a Palme d’Or of their own!
Uma! (i love saying that name) Where have you been hiding so long?!
I am sure in some cultures the goddess figurine resembles Tilda Swinton/ Here in Haider Ackerman.

Aishwarya Rai has really matured her style sense after years of attending the Cannes. Hope she keeps coming back!

15 years from now Angelina Jolie will walk the carpet with her teenage daughters and will somehow still steal all the attention.
Penelope Cruz looked crazy amazing in the Stella McCartney dress. Even Johnny Depp couldn’t keep his eyes off of her.

not too late

OK – I realise I am late to post about the MET Gala which happened earlier this month. My excuse is technical difficulty. Wanted to make comparisons of images (like Ive done below) but my computer disagreed to go along with it. Anyways, was able to make some of them. Its not usually my style to comment on people’s looks, but I love finding similarities and references to red carpet appearances.

These 2 power couples were completely unexpected for me. Kruger is always bee part of the Paris snoot club. The woman must have Chanel double ‘C’ engraved on her front door. Anywho, she chose a fairly young designer and stood out. Kanye is again a luxury lover and though Tory Burch is no Forever21, wouldnt have expected him to wear this designer.

It was Stella McCartney’s night really. Many women – young and old – chose to wear her. Here 3 ladies wore blue dresses. I loved the fit of the Tory Burch on Isla Fisher. (I had no idea Burch did clothes like these! eep!) But I liked Maggie Gyllenhall’s SMC gown even more. She usually does this emerald color scheme and looks good in it. I think it would be so wrong to see Maggie is peach tulle Cinderella gown. Eva did a 70’s look. How cool wouldve been if she did the crazy curls from 70s as well!

Anna Wintour stayed true to her MET ritual and wore Chanel Haute Couture. I still thought it was a surprising look since it really showed her body silhouette that a lot of 20 year old will not be able to pull off. Missoni’s granddaughter effervescent in family property looked young and happy. I hope she didnt get a scolding form Ms. Wintour for dropping those tassels all over the red carpet.

Frost yourself

reminded me of that JLo video ‘waiting for tonight’ 😛

the laser show was pretty commendable

the swanky hotel swimming pool

Shivan and Narresh recently collaborated with an event to promote Indian talent\
Though I admit to not clearly know or understand what the event was about, I was proud to see Shivan Narresh costumes on the dancers that grabbed a lot of attention from the press. The dancers were wearing their creations made in swarovski (swim suits in Swarovski! say what!?). The dancers danced in the water pond which seemed like Tai Chi to me (it obviously wasn’t that). 
Anywho, had a pleasant evening with friends and got to see something new.


If you ask me what is ‘luxury’? Diamonds and Gucci will be last on the list. 
Anybody (after earning hard earned or not so hard earned money) can buy those things. 
If we think of luxury as a niche club, an aspirational state, a positive being –then it can’t be so easy to attain.
Since a lot of social status uplifting ‘things’ have been named as luxury these days, it has almost made me not want it at all.O-k instead of being a sour puss, I will just go to the point of what I feel true luxury is. Having extra Time, clean feet and fresh flowers. Before you roll your eyes thinking these things are equally shallow, let me elaborate. 
#1 Time is something no one can buy more of. But if you lead a good life, then you spend less time on activities than what mundane people spend doing. There is just so much to do in life, Time is the ultimate access card for doing these activities.
#2 Clean feet: I have worked at some super cool brands in the past and went to some super swanky events. But my feet always end up getting dirty in the Delhi streets. I see the rare clean, buffed, shiny feet and realise what a luxury that is to have. Your shoes look better and they smell like a bed of roses. Maybe the act of maintaining pedicured feet is not super expensive, but women who keep em neat ( I hail to you goddesses) will allot time and effort to this act as you and I would to wash hair. So that is my reason for clean feet being a luxury. 
#3 Fresh Flowers – this is quite self explanatory. Some people regard as having some swanky car as luxury. I consider having fresh flowers as a luxury. Sometimes luxury is considered a waste of money. This holds true for this act too. There is nothing that matches the beauty of fresh flowers. The fact remains they die in a few days. So, ones with regular supply of fresh flowers are definitely living the life of rich and famous according to me! Even better, people who grow flowers in their houses! even better than luxury – that’s talent!

on the rare occassion of getting a pedicure, I end up making the bad decision to get em painted the same shade as my ocean blue room walls 😛

only the other persons hands can apply the perfect coat of polish on hands
my gift to my parents on their anniversary. I love buying flowers for such occasions.

till I get rich, I dont mind buying a crazy mix of wild flower bunch.
String Gardens is a genius business concept. check out their facebook page and you will understand why!

Grazie Grazia India (again!)

My second Fashion Week report for Wills India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2011 has hit the stands. 
Look forward to your honest opinions/ Will soon scan and upload the entire article.

Grazia India May 2011 issue

Teenage Dream

The title and the images collage is quite self explanatory: I am going through an early 20s crisis. 
I listen to Beiber and Katy Perry and gush over the corny lines. 
Could build a city of dreams in Taylor Lautner’s torso.
See surfer documentaries over and over again. 
Even though this is an ill-timed phase, somewhere down deep I wish it was reality.

such a dream to live on the beach as a surfer with surfers

Before you met me
I was a wreck
But things were kinda heavy
You brought me to life
Now every February
You’ll be my valentine, valentine

Let’s go all the way tonight
No regrets, just love
We can dance until we die
You and I
We’ll be young forever

You make me
Feel like
I’m living a Teenage Dream
The way you turn me on
I can’t sleep
Let’s runaway
And don’t ever look back
Don’t ever look back

My heart stops
When you look at me
Just one touch
Now baby I believe
This is real
So take a chance
And don’t ever look back
Don’t ever look back

We drove to Cali
And got drunk on the beach
Got a motel and
Built a fort out of sheets
I finally found you
My missing puzzle piece
I’m complete

No regrets, just love
We can dance until we die
You and I
We’ll be young forever

I might get your heart racing

In my skin-tight jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight

Boy Flava of the month | May

Bruno Mars is sooo the flavour of my choice! He sings easy, sweet songs that makes my knees go weak. Not just that, he writes songs as well. And he is just 25 years old! Something you might not know about him – he wrote the super famous football song Knan: Wavin Flag and Cee Lo: Eff you. (you see what I’m talking about? swwwoooon**) Why Cherry Garcia? I dont know..its a flavour that seems exotic yet scrumptious to me. Bruno has the delicious caramel skin tone and he looks like he is from some tropical island. He also recently performed at the MET Gala and that is like his initiation in the Industry. (I wish they would now kick out poser Blake Lively out of the group!) // Ok – I’ll stop dreaming now. Follow him on twitter here: @BrunoMars
PS: ignore my suggestive tweets to him (he chooses to ignore them too) 😛

Sigh ** Bruno Cherry Garcia Mars **