Mixed feeling

You know that feeling when you see a child turn into an adolescent. 
You loved them like insane when they were cute and cuddly. 
You still love them the same, but the feelings change cause they change.
That is how I felt for the brand Manish Arora (not the man, he is much older for me to refer him in this analogy)
The spring-summer 2012 collection was showcased today in Paris.
It seemed more mature, more safe, more appealing to the chic Parisians. 
Thats not saying its gone up or down in my likeness meter
Just means there are changes. 
Button up shirts in shades of white and black.
singular tone pieces. fluid dresses, elegant ruffles. 

Kid, you’ve become a man already.

Images from WWD:

Very Very Very X-cited for Paco Rabbane SS 2012 show designed by Munshikins!!!



This post is special. I have not waited this long to make a post ever. 

This is about a fashion film Tsundue made for Vogue.in earlier this year. The idea had been with us for very long… lets make a fashion film using Indian talents. Tsundue was the right man to direct, edit, write the film. His short films had long been my favorite thing on Vimeo.Things started falling in place and we somehow managed to get the most ideal location, great model, hair and make up artist, DOP and website to put the final film up on. Shruti Thacker from vogue.in not just believed in our idea but also helped us connect with the makeup artist and model (yea, Vogue is hooked up like that!). Friends believed in us and lent a hand (and much more!) to make the film Goldilocks.

I hope this is not the only fashion short we make. This was done on a very home-grown level. After going back and forth we understood a lot of things that needed to be considered before publishing such a film. I imagine to do much more incredible things with this experience and support. I know there are so many ideas Tsundue can come up with to create more originals! Hope we are able to get the right financial support to help us convert the dream into reality. 

Do let us know what you think of the film up on the Vogue.in website here !
Some behind the scenes images from the shoot:

the first scene of the film. We reached the location at 5AM to shoot this. Ofcourse it rained first and we waited an hour or 2.

I dont think you can see, but the ethereal opening scene had cow shit all over the ground.

 Good for us the location was a quiet area where we could shoot on the road and only be interrupted by a cycle or two.

 The pink button up dress by Namrata Joshipura looked great in this scene with Arshia curled up in bed.

 The Gaurav Gupta shoe shot

The ‘Golden’ Apple
hanging out

going for the scene where Arshia’s hair is growing out of control

we took great care of designer digs đŸ™‚

eh, this is not all I did. But checking sunlight by taking a nap on the ground is quite important.

the closing scene.

Tsundue even made a behind-the-scenes film:

Director, Editor, Writer:

Director of Photography:
Parikhit Pal

Arshia Ahuja

Hair and Make up:

Clothes and Accessories:

Website partner

And super dooper thanks to Shovan Gandhi 

Drops of Jupiter

Macarons have to be the prettiest pastry dish out there. They come in brilliant colors– flavors. They are all so finely shaped. They have a smooth texture on top and little gooey, nutty inside. Sigh** Its tough to be on a diet when there are those heavenly bodies posing in great food blogs around the world. Lacoste recently hosted a dinner for Fashion Bloggers and at the end of dinner served rasberry macaroons. What a wonderful way to end the night. Its like getting dropped to your doorstep by a 90s Tom Cruise (aka Jerry Maguire). Think I need to put an end to my fantasy (its 9AM!) and leave with images and links from food blogs featuring Macarons. 
David Lebovitz is an easy way to live the sweet Parisian cook book life via net.

my favorite new face wash (its magical) L’Occitane Angelica series came with a 2 pieces of L’Opera Macarons.

Meeta’s blog ‘What’s for Lunch?’ featured Rasberry and Coconut Macarons

Get a step by step to make French Macarons from David Lebovitz here.
Pierre Herme Paris box of Macarons

Laduree is a french bakery lauded for selling the best Macarons in the world.

LadurĂ©e makes what I consider the best macarons anywhere. And apparently so do many others: the four shops of LadurĂ©e in Paris sell 12,000 macarons each day, over four million per year.” 

“Is that really cool?”

Garnier Fructis Ad starring Namit Khanna:

Is it me or the little kid in ad looks like what the model would look like as a kid?

Model UN

I am a passionate supporter of models and feel for the hardships they go through in their career line. I also feel there is a huge potential in our country for making supermodels, and sadly most of those faces will never see the lens of the camera. Forget the cliches that were (probably) shown in Madhur Bhandarkar films…(though most models do dream of acting in Bollywood) there is a lot of shady business that goes down by self-made agents who handle their jobs. Of course not all of them are like that but some are. Being treated like meat is somewhat an understatement. Before I go on and sound like a cliche myself, I think we should forget how its been working before and make a new start. If we see a person who has those chiseled cheekbones, over 5’10 frame, doe eyes… call the helpline(there is none) and do everything in your power to make them a success. Find the next Lakshmi Mennon who didn’t need another country to get recognized by her own.. Email me their mug shot and name and I will post information about them here to do my bit. 
Today’s HT City has a feature on new model Taher Ali:

Burberry Prorsum Live from Hyde Park, London Fashion Week on lovestruckcow

Watch Burberry Prorsum SS 2012 show live here at 8:30PM India time.
In the meantime, check out past posts of live stream and marriage of technology with fashion:

meny shoes

I am not (yet) switching to men’s shoes. Though the Prada creepers that have been creeping in Delhi has got my tongue wagging (#1 Atsu; #2 Subodh Gupta; #3 Edward :three men I know who own the coveted series). In between my brother moving back here complete with his GQ know-hows and the India Men’s Week last week, I am getting warm to menswear and find myself browsing through Mr. Porter often wondering what I would buy If I were a man.

I am not even worried. Wearing menswear in today’s time is not limiting or lackluster to me. In fact it is as appealing as women options. I wonder if they sold G.I Joe dolls today, would he come with a formal wear attire and a Dopp kit? Would have definitely got my attention.
 Above – My brother’s pair of Italian made monk strap leather formals…they are from a Delhi company- Viavero. Men, please check out www.viaveroitaly.com . Every man needs a pair of formal shoes. Oh the shoes are hidden behind his crazy collection of Happy Socks which I’m planning to kidnap very soon.

Bhaiyu’s informal shoes. I never thought while growing up he would have 2 pairs of informal shoes which were not gym shoes! I think I need to better manage my wardrobe to match his…(notice the change of blue laces in the camel color shoes. Dang!)

L-atitude + FNO India

My first piece for L-atitude blog regarding Sept. 10 FNO India celebrations. Let me know what you think!

Ashish N Soni at the Vogue after party
Vogue’s Edward giving an interview

current Miss India Kanishtha in an Atsu dress, Atsu and Bharat Sikka

actress Jacqueline Fernandes and Dior’s Kalyany Chawla (in Dior I assume)

boys and sushi
Rakesh Thakore and David Abraham

Shantanu and Nikhil

Dior Homme

Gaurav Gupta trying on sunglasses at Tom Ford

Atsu smelling the parfum at Tom Ford. I think I will make another trip to the store to do just that. most amazing smell!

11.11’s Arya John and Himanshu

Raghuvendra Rathore. I have hardly seen him at fashion events. Didnt mind running after him for a click

iPad vision

I have complete new respect for technology. I always knew technology was necessary for the future, but boy I had no clue what the current technology looked like. Still writing posts from my ol box shaped laptops that I had got in college, when my brother got an iPad was reluctant to use it cause I thought I would be careless and abuse it and might make it look like my computer. Well that changed as soon as I saw the iPad applications for Vmagazine and Dazed and Confused! Here I am writing this post from an iPad. Take a look at some images from the various magazine iPad app versions:

PS: I started writing this post on the ipad, but after failed attempt to upload images from it, had to email them to myself and upload from my ol’ box shaped laptop… Is there an app for the ipad manual?

FNO India buys

I bought something this FNO. After standing in queue for what seemed like an hour at the pop-up store, it totally made sense to splurge on Sabyasachi runway accessories (at least they looked like they were the same as the ones on FW 2011 runway show)