Indian Lady Gaga

Gaga wore Naeem Khan Resort 2012 gown for her first ever public appearance in India. 
And she wore a Tarun Tahiliani sari for her interview with shahrukh Khan. 
She looked like her name – lady-like. Her skin is porcelain-esque, her nails perfectly manicured and not a hair out of place. There really is a whole Haus of Gaga making her what she is. 
Tarun Tahiliani sari
image courtesy: Anand Bhushan
Naeem Khan dress Resort 2012

Lady Gaga the day of her press conference in New Delhi

>>PS: Do you approve of my gift? I always wanted to give her the Manish Arora Good Earth blue tiger tea cup. Cost me a bomb, but her reaction was good. Hope she uses it… and it doesnt end up in a pile of gifts that she might be getting every second :/

Diwali gift 2011

If you are living in Delhi, Im sure you have been experiencing heavy road traffic and endless gift hampers going in and out of your house. It has almost become a ritual to exchange gifts on Diwali. More than a ritual… a necessity. I understand the idea behind this, and Im not going to lie that I am not excited to rip open the gift wrapped box. 
Wish there were more personalized gifts other than gifts that were clearly bought keeping in mind the price tag only. Ok, no one is going to stay at home and sit and make crafty gifts or bake some sweets for all their friends. But a little creative thinking like the one I saw in Maithili’s site made me sit up and clap in joy. Small gifts that I would love and use as well!

 Made by designer Maithili Kabre, these poker coasters are so adorable to a person like me who doesnt play cards, or useful to a person who only plays cards during Diwali. To buy, click here.

Look at these Rangoli cookies that Urvashee made for her blog! I mean, dont care what they taste like.. I would always remember if anyone gave me a box full of Rangoli Cookies!

I understand the need to update and upgrade our festive rituals, but instead of going hummous, baklava and nutella route, lets use our own creations and come up with gifts that have a bit of tradition, practicality, and innovation all wrapped in one. 

Happy Diwali to everyone!


 Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna Spring Summer 2012 show had more than expected drama. The duo in my mind were known for easy, fuss free, slinky, strong, clean clothes. Though this collection was all of that, it also involved extra detailing that makes the audience tingle while seeing it on the runway. Slashed blouses, over lapping skirts, peekaboo sheer play, layers but not heavy.. Used to believe their clothes best looked good on super fit people with an uncompromising standard. But some pieces I felt could be worn with basics for different shaped women as well. 

However, what was most special about the show was the eye makeup. Done by M.A.C, there were an additional 4 layers of fake eyelashes on each eye. Making it a total of 6 pair of eyelashes on each model. Call me crazy, but I would very much like to try the look in ‘real life’ ! An eyelash growing on the crease line of the eye lid. Not crazy at all.

M.A.C sketch of the look for the show. image courtesy: M.A.C

lime in limelight

Just people…during fashion week.. not on the runway.

 ma hommies 😉 Narresh Kukreja and Anand Bhushan before Rimzim Dadu’s show
Rin was sauced enough to agree to pose infront of David Abraham’s poster.
The music, lights and choreography team managing the show from an elevated platform

a roaring cheer from the media row at Namrata Joshipura show
i love when girls make and effort, like her gold nails and gold jewelery
Not sure if Amrit and Varun Sardana were amused about me gyrating on the massage chair or the cardboard surfboards in front of them
Wendell Rodricks show was all about nostalgia. The live boy band with matching clothes reminded of the 90s boy band fad
The Other People singing old pop tunes. worked for me… they closed with Beatles ‘I want to hold your hand’ 😛

some good looking people in the front row of Anand Bhushan and Dev R Nil show

Our Goldilocks Arshia Ahuja
Yuko!! at the after party at KittySu
bro-sis Anirudh Birla and Priyanka Modi from AM:PM

Nikhil D who flies in from Mumbai for Fashion Weeks
Underage/kids at Fashion Week. Wait Im one of them.. right right>?


Amit Aggarwal Morphe’ collection changed the shape of a woman. It added curves and yet kept it strong. When one reads ‘curves and strong’ it seems impossible to understand what it  means. Some images on and off the runway of Amit Aggarwal’s creations I feel would give a little insight into what this fireball of creativity is about.

The nothingness of air holds our lives
fallible memories give things their meaning 
relations in time bring hope to another day
nothingness weaves fullness into existence
we live in air.
These were the lines written on an empty recyclable carry bag on the guests chairs. The ones that you see floating away in air on a windy day. An ideal factor to influence the designer who’s collections are led by the shapes and molds that do not comply with gravity. The pieces were light as air and seemed to have curves like the arrows in an air-current map. A factor like air which we don’t think about much and which is prevalent almost everywhere, is the support of our lives. Feel Morphe just helped us think of the obvious in the most non-obvious manner only a genius like him could.

Full Circle

It’s funny how small the world is. I love when you meet someone by accident and you happen to know more about them than you thought you would. Across from the media seating section, was distracted by a pair of fringed golf cuffs on the woman seated at buyers section (image below). Went upto her after the show to compliment them, and to ask where she got them from. Turns out they were from one of the few jewelery designers I like : Delfina Delettrez Fendi . And the woman: Ms. Andreina Longhi’s office represents the young Fendi woman. I spoke to her about my love for Delettrez’s work and she showed me images she had clicked couple of weeks ago during the Paris Fashion Week at the jewellery designer’s exhibit on her Blackberry. I remembered seeing the images but to hear of the details from a person who saw it upclose was insightful. Andreina was nice enough to share the images here:

 The cuffs have rose gold fringe in the inside and gold fringe on the outside.

Image of the cuff from

new faces @ Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

HT CITY – 15 October 2011

I heard that you settled down…

If last Atsu’s collection last season was about holding a handkerchief and weeping for the melancholic beauty of his silhouettes and colors, this season was about full throttle revenge in bold, bright garments. The SS 2012 Atsu woman is almost like a female heroine. She takes being delicate and secure to a higher level. Tight clean cuts accentuated with black lines. The last look modeled by Miss India Kanishtha summed up my belief neatly – a yellow floor-sweeping gown with a sheer skirt, strong shoulders, fitted bodice, womanly curves and the defined floral applique detailing that almost makes it seem like she’d float in air when she bats her eyelashes. This goddess ain’t settling down (like the Adele song which Atsu played last season), she probably is singing to her lover ‘I’d be boy and you’d be girl, beautiful’ . Like the Bat for Lashes song Moon and Moon that played in the SS2012 soundtrack).

I figured out only last night that Bat for Lashes was not even played at Atsu’s show. 
The cow feels sheepish and is going to start double checking such data from next time onwards. 
The soundtrack was really Lia Ices – Grown Unknown. Thanks to the unofficial sound engineer cum Vogue fashion editor Edward for the correcting my post.

text edited by Mootboard


How does one stay fresh and upgrade for 2012. Originality and technique could be the answer. many designers this fashion week put in effort into developing new textures or what seemed new to me. From fabrics mixed with paper, plastic, coil/metal; this wasn’t the same as you see channeled by Gaga’s Little Monsters or at Comic Con or at a very effort-ed Halloween costume. This was the answer for future. What you couldn’t find in malls and high street shops. This was fresh and delicious.

Rimzin Dadu used plastic jackets and firelflies stuck on skirts

Malini Ramani’s favorite tribal fringes

Rimzim Dadu paper skirt

Dadu’s paper-wear

Amit Aggarwal’s Morphe is a synonym in my books for originality

Pankaj and Nidhi used hand woven techniques to create garments with unconventional materials

Anupama Dayal used different fabrics to give that free flowing vibe

Pankaj and Nidhi’s inspiration was Geometry.

Savio Jon had the perfect texture throughout his show. I know for sure I would have loved his collection this much even if I was blind-folded and feeling the fabrics and cuts.

Anand Bhushan’s feathers

Anand Bhushan’s signature coil technique

Atsu’s elegance with floral appliques and lace work

Rohit and Rahul 3D sequins use

Humble Critical

I recently got feedback from a very wise fashion editor that I should be more critical on my blog. “Not negative but Critical.” The word sounded brand new to me. Never thought I have the authority to be critical. But it could be cause I confuse critical to being negative. Still a little unsure of the difference, decided I will be critical in this post about the recently concluded Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, and understand from your reactions if I was being critical or negative …or just a b*tch.


new designer Rahul Singh showcased easy separates that you and I wouldn’t find too complicated. The only thing ‘designer’ about the pieces was the work on textiles which somehow felt a little too inspired by the work done by fabric gurus Abraham and Thakore for their last Summer collection. The collection was primarily white with blue print intended to look original, but unfortunately reminded me to be a poor knock-off of A+T’s.


Rajesh Pratap Singh delivered his collection just like he always does. This time his show was sponsored by Tata Manza and they somehow decided to hold the show in an open area outside the venue. Not a bad idea. Just that it is mosquitoes season in Delhi and the Dengue-struck look is never fashionable. The pesky insects didn’t just increase under the brightly lit stage area but hovered around the white buyers like bees to honey. The attention from the collection kept deviating towards the scared-to-death looking outsiders who are probably given a pamphlet when arriving to India about 10 Easy Diseases You Never Thought You Could Get.


Rohit and Rahul Gandhi finale show had some great looks on the runway. I like the duo and respect how they stick to what they like to do. Maybe there was a bit of pressure to add more angles to a ‘Finale’ show that the designers decided to get live musicians, dancer, and an original film playing during the show. Still not a bad idea at all. Just that the film to me seemed to be inspired by the Gareth Pugh’s fashion films which he is famous for. My qualm was not with referring to the British designer’s film, but the purpose of the film. It seemed to be made by people who didn’t care much of fashion. Who thought if they showed some sharp graphics and high def quality film, the audience will be gasped. Ok-I think after reading what I just wrote my alter ego just said ‘biiiiiii*ch’ in slo-mo to myself. I am no expert on films, but my opinion after viewing the film wasn’t the same when I saw Gareth Pugh’s masterpiece.


 This one just speaks for itself. On left is late Alexander McQueen’s FW 2010 show image and on right is Shantanu Goenka’s SS2012 look. Saw the dress on right upclose as well and the hem looked quite similar to the image of left.


Rodarte FW 2010

Now I am just pushing it. But I will still go on. I know it is Pankaj & Nidhi’s thing to do bulbs in their collections. I am not even going to type that it was ‘inspired‘ by the Rodarte’s Fall 2010 finale. It just reminded me of the Rodarte Fall 2010 finale where the models’ Nicholas Kirkwood heels lit up like fireflies. I remember cause it was one of those shows that gives you goosebumps even if you watch it from your computer. P&N’s was pretty cool too from the front row.
image of Rodarte show taken from here.