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I recently got feedback from a very wise fashion editor that I should be more critical on my blog. “Not negative but Critical.” The word sounded brand new to me. Never thought I have the authority to be critical. But it could be cause I confuse critical to being negative. Still a little unsure of the difference, decided I will be critical in this post about the recently concluded Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, and understand from your reactions if I was being critical or negative …or just a b*tch.


new designer Rahul Singh showcased easy separates that you and I wouldn’t find too complicated. The only thing ‘designer’ about the pieces was the work on textiles which somehow felt a little too inspired by the work done by fabric gurus Abraham and Thakore for their last Summer collection. The collection was primarily white with blue print intended to look original, but unfortunately reminded me to be a poor knock-off of A+T’s.


Rajesh Pratap Singh delivered his collection just like he always does. This time his show was sponsored by Tata Manza and they somehow decided to hold the show in an open area outside the venue. Not a bad idea. Just that it is mosquitoes season in Delhi and the Dengue-struck look is never fashionable. The pesky insects didn’t just increase under the brightly lit stage area but hovered around the white buyers like bees to honey. The attention from the collection kept deviating towards the scared-to-death looking outsiders who are probably given a pamphlet when arriving to India about 10 Easy Diseases You Never Thought You Could Get.


Rohit and Rahul Gandhi finale show had some great looks on the runway. I like the duo and respect how they stick to what they like to do. Maybe there was a bit of pressure to add more angles to a ‘Finale’ show that the designers decided to get live musicians, dancer, and an original film playing during the show. Still not a bad idea at all. Just that the film to me seemed to be inspired by the Gareth Pugh’s fashion films which he is famous for. My qualm was not with referring to the British designer’s film, but the purpose of the film. It seemed to be made by people who didn’t care much of fashion. Who thought if they showed some sharp graphics and high def quality film, the audience will be gasped. Ok-I think after reading what I just wrote my alter ego just said ‘biiiiiii*ch’ in slo-mo to myself. I am no expert on films, but my opinion after viewing the film wasn’t the same when I saw Gareth Pugh’s masterpiece.


 This one just speaks for itself. On left is late Alexander McQueen’s FW 2010 show image and on right is Shantanu Goenka’s SS2012 look. Saw the dress on right upclose as well and the hem looked quite similar to the image of left.


Rodarte FW 2010

Now I am just pushing it. But I will still go on. I know it is Pankaj & Nidhi’s thing to do bulbs in their collections. I am not even going to type that it was ‘inspired‘ by the Rodarte’s Fall 2010 finale. It just reminded me of the Rodarte Fall 2010 finale where the models’ Nicholas Kirkwood heels lit up like fireflies. I remember cause it was one of those shows that gives you goosebumps even if you watch it from your computer. P&N’s was pretty cool too from the front row.
image of Rodarte show taken from here.
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6 thoughts on “Humble Critical

  1. no u not not being bitchy…just critical and y not… u have an opinion and u shud express it the way u wish.

    good observation. i have to say…

  2. i am new to your blog..and was wondering if you were very easy with your writing. When Ht can mention about mcqueen being copied by goenka, i am sure you are not being a b*ch at all. I would have loved to see your take on Atsu Sekhose s show as well.let us know what you think of that.

  3. Hi, thanks for dropping in my blog. The MCQueen and Goenka similarity was mentioned by the designer in his press release. The newspaper was stating that and what the bloggers were talking about from the previous day's events. Besides the paper is collective representation and not affiliated to this blog in any manner.

    I will be posting a bit more about WLIFW here..hope you enjoy it.

  4. i'm sure you'd find these coincidences in more designers than just these. i'm begging you not to be blind to it.

  5. Maybe every thing is not original (we are not talking about Munshikins here). Thanks though, will try to look more closely 🙂

  6. How far will copying take you – @ Rohit and Rahul Gandhi? Shantanu Goenka? Pankaj and Nidhi?

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