Melancholy by Rin Jajo
August – November 2011
Delhi – Singapore – Mumbai



Paco Gaga Arora

Yes this post is about Gaga
…and about Manish Arora. 

I should just write what I’m thinking and cut this short. Paco Rabanne released information that Lady wears a Paco Rabanne dress in the new music video ‘Marry The Night’. While the outfit in the promotional image could be it, it would then be a custom made garment as was not shown in the show. The video will release soon. For now, enjoy the prelude pathetique!

Oh lookey! Paco Rabanne also posted this image with this caption:

What a way to end 2011!!

More exciting posts for 2011 yet to come…

NH7 | India Music Festival

I used to whine about India not having any music festivals. And now they have. Ive run out of excuses. Bacardi NH7 Weekender is a 3-days music festival with varied sorts of Indian musicians and some international ones performing on different stages in one venue. I can not even complain about it being held in Pune and not Delhi, as I would have preferred it to be held in a city like Pune if it was up to me. Any-who, their website is swell and you can see who all are performing this year (this weekend!).

More importantly the people attending the festival make the festival. Nikhil D is rumored to be traveling for the second time for it. His last year’s experience was great and you can see his post here. Also traveling and performing this year is Alisha! She is a great girl and I liked her loads before I even heard her sing. Needless to say, once I saw her youtube songs, it was love.

Some of her covers on youtube:

Alisha Batth will be performing on The Other Stage @ NH7 on 19th November at 6:30PM

At home with 11.11

On occasion of the date today (11.11.11) I am posting some images of Delhi based brand 11.11. Why did they name the brand 11.11? Cause they always seem to spot the clock when it is 11:11. 

And I thought I was the only one with the skill :/

11.11 is a contemporary fashion label made of designers collective : Smita Singh Rathore, Arya John Akkara, Shani Himanshu, and accessories designer Mia Morikawa. I was stoked to be allowed in their house and experience a day in the life of 11.11. 

Started the day at Smita and her husband Gautam’s home. As I stepped in her house didnt take long to realise her love for design didnt stop in Hauz Khas Village alone (where they run 4-5 businesses!). Her home reflected a look of an apothecary shop but more personalised with their collection of musical instruments and collectible toys. Smita who studied in Italy has an eye for vintage furniture pieces which you can also see in their restaurant The Living Room(TLR). The house didnt seem like a museum either, the couple has used printed fabrics and fresh colors to make it modern and cosy. While I shamelessly roamed around in their house, I couldnt help fall in love with the terrace which seemed like it hosted some coolest of the coolest house parties. But I am sure what really made the house a home were the babies, the pets and the loud street kids playing outside.

Lovely Smita

 Even though I had planned to take images of their workplace and studio, the home came in as a pleasant surprise and had to post a few images. 

The first stop Smita made in HK Village was at her soon to be opened bakery. Elma’s is named after their pug Elma (see above) and has the charm of a small European cafe. Though the bakery hadn’t opened when I clicked this, it seemed like an ideal place to enjoy fancy afternoon tea and madeleines.

 11.11 studio is situated above their showroom lakeside of HK Village. The team was busy with their business so I went upstairs where the tailors and karigars were stitching the new collection.

…And to the shop in ground level which I had visited many times before. But I didnt mind as everytime they would tweak the arrangement a bit and you would discover something new.

 …Like these old records.

 The changing room/

 The red machine is an old photostat machine placed in the lower floor which has men and womens wear. 

 Right next door to their latest venture: The Grey Garden. Which is a pre-fixed menu small restaurant. A hang out place of like minded people. No really, if you are not like minded or enjoy the company of others inside, you might want to find another village to eat in.

 Even though they could have food from any of their restaurants in the HK Village, the team preferred ghar ka khanna. Mia seemed to love the Indian food and sampled Arya’s tiffin like a  taste buds connoisseur.

Really loved Arya John’s look. To her it was just a nonchalant last minute put-together before leaving home.

Right before I left the building, I couldnt help feel intimidated and awe struck. The group seemed to have it all – booming business, good music, food, friends, great location(s)… really, what else would one need to create/design?

PS: I might have got the technical bit about their business dynamics wrong. They run many things but in collaboration with other people. But it is safe to say ‘11.11’ is in all these places as the brand was more than a list of partners. It was a sensibility which seemed to translate easily onto different businesses. 

My House| My Rules – Donatella Versace

Eee! just when you thought it couldn’t get kookier than the Lanvin heart H&M spot~

PS: Is there an app to change Siri’s voice into Donatella Versace’s?

Marriage made in heaven

Lady Gaga wore almost all the finale looks from Manish Arora’s debut Paco Rabanne collection at the MTV EMA Awards. The hats were also from the show for which Manish had taken inspiration/help from Anish Kapoor’s iconic work; created by Philip Treacy. 
How big is this!! 
Also, now we know Haus of Gaga reads Suzy Menkes’ column!

for more images go on Nicola Formichetti’s blog here

do click

  “ I just continue to revisit things. It is play with purpose. There is a problem-solving element that I really enjoy.  It’s like being a kid, I grew up an only child: the being alone part goes hand in hand with imagination.” – James Henkel

Photographer James Henkel’s work here.

 “I take a camera with me everywhere I go, chasing a momentum which I rarely catch on film, but the few occasions that I do are the ones that make it worthwhile. It’s like a little bit of magic..”Laurence Von Thomas
Photographs on  Laurence Von Thomas‘s ‘If you leave’ blog here.

Brrr Season

You know the ‘pre-fall’ and ‘resort’ collections in fashion are best articulated as in-between shopping reason seasons for the privileged. And if Justin Bieber can come out with a Christmas song in November beginning and get 37 million hits on youtube, I can dream big and express my Pre-Fall 2011 wish list from some of the best in world:

Stella McCartney pre fall 2011

Burberry Prorsum


SMC knitwear

Not so cold when the Burberry Brit boys are in the picture
my sentiments exactly. (models backstage at Stella McCartney) this too late for Pre-fall.. is it already Fall – Winter 2011.?

all images from 

portrait of a woman

One of the best thing to happen to me at the last Delhi Fashion Week was witnessing Savio Jon SS 2012 show from the front row. I had always loved the designer’s skills. His website and past collections were a ‘favourite’ on my web bookmarks. His clothes are easy yet unique. Clothes that all women would like to wear. Clothes like the kind Carrie Bradshaw wore on her shoot for the bus advertisement. The ‘naked dress‘ that is not sleazy but celebrates everything that lies beneath the fabric. Clothes that not just look great in one dimension. Clothes that look brilliant when the woman turns around. If you wear Savio Jon and look good in it, in my books it makes you confident, beautiful and an all-woman.