Six best in 2011 | Manish Arora

If you have visited this blog before, you know no list is complete without the mention of Munshikins. What can I do. Munshikins is just on a different level, every year he has to do something so great that it trumps the standards set by him before. Call it what you want, but my love for Manish Arora is likely not to die soon. Not because he has been hanging out with Sona a Bollywood heroine lately ( really-really..why!?) or because he now spends less time in his home country  because of his super cool post as the artistic director at Paco Rabanne.. But because no matter what, nothing can take away from the fact that he is an originator, a creator, a master tailor. His last show in Paris for SS2012 had closing looks of printed neon color garments using photographer Robert Altman‘s images from 1970s Holy Jam Festival in Colorado.

The girl who’d wear this loves life, dances on her own, doesn’t like to belong to one era, and  is a  solo-flyer. She thinks ‘Life is Beautiful’. She doesn’t care much about other people’s acceptance and just wishes to bring a smile on their face. She sees a happy world, and her music and heels are the only ammunition she needs to attain that. Jasjyot’s sketch shows her having the time of her life while listening to music at a festival or just a make-pretend festival in her bedroom. Her hair is curly and wild just like she is. There is nothing simple or typical about her. Aaah to be this girl. Would bring world peace : )

Jasjyot makes original sketches which he puts up on his blog Ulti Chhatri and is doing the sketches for the ‘six best in 2011‘ posts.


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Even though not new or “hot” right now, this girl I imagine to be dancing to M.I.A. Just like people in her videos here.

Feel pretty content to end the year with Six best in 2011 posts.Hope we all get to dance like the Manish girl in 2012. 
Thank you for visiting Lovestruckcow. Hope you keep coming back in the new year as well!
PS: Happy Birthday to me Papa (01-01-12), who sometimes logs on here to see what am I upto in life and then does free (and faulty) publicity to his friends and family 🙂

Six best in 2011 | Alpana and Neeraj

Alpana and Neeraj Chauhan are fairly new names in fashion. Their stance on ‘art-fashion’ (or vice versa) has gotten attention from the insiders. Like how in their first show they used car seat belts as belts on dresses.. or how they use materials that is used to make women’s underwear into their version of couture. Well this year they showed a collection which took an inspiration from WOOD. Literally wood. Each look had the brown plywood texture, panels instead of the usual fabric pleats. I found it to be different and what a lot of outrageous pop stars would love to be seen in. 

Jasjyot gave this tree-becoming girl a wild, uninhibited, scruffy, free-spirited personality. Something, I imagine a Pocahontas if she wasnt so uptight/Disney would be like. The added skull, woodpecker side-kick and The Ting Tings song humming makes it gold in my opinion. You can forget her name, but never her.

Yes. In my world even a jungle-girl like her would find a perfect designer that has her name written all over it. Fashion is for everyone. It connects with personalities; not bank balances or dress sizes.

Jasjyot makes original sketches which he puts up on his blog Ulti Chhatri and is doing the sketches for the ‘six best in 2011‘ posts. 


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Alpana & Neeraj Fall-Winter 2011

christmas print

features printed in HT City based on Christmas gifting.
HT City, Delhi – 24 December ’11- epaper link
HT City, Delhi – 22 December 2011- epaper link

Big thanks to Urvashee from Dessarts for the Naan Khatai recipe and Sachin for the pop-up card idea. Both eco-friendly, and do-able easily at home 🙂

lady musicians 2011

This is a funny end of the year list. Well A. Its about music. My knowledge of music is limited to whatever I see others post on twitter/ facebook or what plays on TV when in the gym. B. Its not really an end of the year list. Meaning it is just a random personal list of female musicians whom we heard in 2011. The idea came when I was listening to my ipod with songs from early 2000s and I texted my friend- Angela Zonunpuri the lyrics, knowing she would know the song by heart (as well). Then we got talking about the cheesy old songs that we both knew we loved secretly and played on our earphones frequently. I am not going to get into those songs. Instead, thought of listing lady singers whom we couldn’t get enough of in 2011. Angela sent me her list of 5 names which I didn’t sneak a peek at till I made my list of 5. So basically this is like a blank scribble space for us girls to profess our love for the same-sex songstresses.

[In Angela’s words]
#1 Cat Power 
(heard her a couple of years back, but still – all time favourite): totally love her voice and her style. She sang that song (well, i think a lot of songs) for V for Vendetta, the one Natalie Portman plays from the jukebox. Love love her. Also, google her. The clothes she wears are so normal and her hair – all soo nice.
{my response} — Dang! the masked person is Natalie Portman?? Must see V for Vendetta!
#2 Lana Del Rey 
(heard her a couple of months back on this awesome website I’ve told you about her already. Again the voice – just amazing. And her lyrics, especially of Video Games – I might’ve sent it to the boyf. Hehe.

{my response} –I aint your bf, but would be sweet to have someone sing/send lyrics of that *sniff* PS: Those lips are NOT real.

#3 Zoey Deschanel of She and Him. 
Love her for writing and singing funn songs. They have like a 70s feel. Really girly. Just lovely! She’s lovely 🙂

{my response} –no way! she is a poser. Aa we finally differ in taste! But the movie (500 days of summer) was tolerable (its about summer. d-uh) So, I do not mind at all 😀

#4 Tegan and Sara
Don’t love LOVE them. But I like listening to their songs when I’m in a particular (indescribable mood..HAHA..I sound like such a girl)

{my response} — ha! this youtube comment made me giggle “tegan and sara turn me on. and i’m a girl. a straight girl.-LillyButtx3

#5 Regina Spektor
Amazing lyrics. Really funn songs. They just make me happy.
{my response} –ditto. And she has got a Tori Amos sorta look which is a ++

#6 Florence + the machine

Her vintage style is soo nice and her voice is WOW!  
{my response} I wouldve put up 6. But just because you wrote Zoey Deschanel… 😛

[In my words]

#6 Eliza Doolittle

Not a 2011 artist. But I heard her music in the beginning of the year. And kind of liked her unique and mysterious style. And her songs are fun and easy.

#7 Vivian Girls
Had never heard of them before I saw it on Lah Lah‘s blog. And after a google search realised they are not even together anymore.! Anywho, like the 80s look, pop music, and chemistry. Just want to shake my noodle and not think too much while listening.

#8 TN Dao / Thuy-Nhan
TN Dao was a happy french accident. A friend shared her music as she was planning to perform in Delhi. Though she is like 4 songs old, I like the electronic- pop music. Plus she is super fun and was nice enough to share her ipod music.


#9 Madeline Follin from Cults

Indie- pop band from manhattan. The girl is super cute and has a slinky voice…. And they remind me of John and Yoko’s Bed /Hair Peace days.

#10 Natasha Khan of Bat for lashes

Again, not a 2011 artist. Her discovery was an accident. My musically superior friend Nikki D said Atsu’s SS 2012 show soundtrack reminded him of Bat for Lashes. I excitedly blogged that it was BFL, which it wasn’t. Anyways, long story short, I got to listen to her great music even if it was 2-3 years too late.

Six best in 2011 | Sabyasachi FW 2011

2011 skyrocketed my love for one of the most influential designers from India. Sabyasachi’s Fall -Winter 2011 show was given the slot as the ‘finale’ show by Delhi Fashion Week. That really wasn’t needed since the compilation of garments we saw would have made it the most prominent show of the year even if shown in Meerut or Timbuktu. 
Inspired by his muse Frida Kahlo, Sabyasachi showed mixed prints, colors, new silhouettes – quirky yet daring for his standards. In fact when had met him for the Marie Claire story, he had shared that sexuality exists in all of his pieces. Of course it doesn’t mean the same to him for what it does to Mallika Sherawat or Mallaika Arora. He also disclosed that the Fall 2011 collection was inspired by retro underwear.. As I heard these words come from The Couture King, I knew this would change his perception for almost everyone who read this quote. Another one of the reasons I love doing interviews and reading autobiographies is that you can never interpret someone better than how they choose to portray themselves- in their own words. Needless to say, 2011 major highlight was having this long conversation with him and trying to claw inside the mind of a creative genius. 

Illustrator Jasjyot Singh Hans interpretation of these looks from the show were Sabyasachi’s  versions of the 1950s swimsuits. He intentionally chooses to club two looks together down on the runway many a times, and I feel Jasjyot’s take on this made this sketch even more special. These girls are extremely quirky and one of a kind. Love craftsmanship and traditional techniques. Having said that, they are not conformist and don’s act girly-girl. She wont do things just to please others. She is modern, yet doesn’t keep changing her ideologies. She is independent, wears specs, has roses in her hair, wears a jasmine-rose scent perfume. She doesn’t go heavy on makeup and has a geeky look about herself.

Jasjyot makes original sketches which he puts up on his blog Ulti Chhatri and is doing the sketches for the ‘six best in 2011‘ posts. 


>> Quote-

When it comes to clothing, I am very inspired by notions of sexuality.Part of body exposed and nudity can be extremely decadent but never vulgar. But when you try to cover just a little to titillate then it almost becomes pornographic and sensationalistic. When you approach sexuality there are very fine lines that take you from one sphere to the other.Something I am working on in my head (currently) is bondage. Sexuality is something that exists within all of us. I don’t ever try to shy away from it. Every single one of my shows had a very strong undercurrent of sexuality – whether covered or exposed.”  

>> soundtrack – Edith Piaf’s  La vie en rose and Padam Padam

>> images –

Six best in 2011 | Suneet Varma couture 2011

Delhi Couture week was especially surprising this year. I am not big on shaadi-ke-kapde but couture week was much more than that only. Designers took bigger, bolder steps to put up a collection full on dramatic appeal. Not just the clothes (which are primary), the whole ambiance created for the shows was very complimentary of the collection. 

One designer who made me sit up and ogle with wide eyes was Suneet Varma. His show was inspired by Kama Sutra and was decked with south Indian temple-jewelery on different body parts. Those yesteryear actress style chignons, the arm bands, the more traditional and gold the jewelery, the more I gleamed. The show opened with two dancers doing the KS poses under huge temple bells. The show never slipped into becoming campy and remained tasteful and artistic. 

The particular look here was worn by model Lakshmi Rana. A gold ornamental blouse and ghera skirt which she walked while flowing it around like the goddess she is. Her golden brown skin shone with the rich gold, pink and red tones and left an image in my mind which was hard to get rid off. If there ever was the most confident, traditional, dancing girl, this would be her ideal Indian outfit.

>> Soundtrack :

Milan – Karsh Kale

>> Past post : Suneet Varma : Kama Sutra

>> Images :

Original sketch by Jasjyot Singh Hans who will be doing the sketches for the ‘six best in 2011‘ posts. Jasjyot makes original sketches which he puts up on his blog Ulti Chhatri.

Flava of the month | December

I know. I fell off the wagon. Didn’t continue with the WILDY popular (not) ‘Boy Flava of the Month‘ posts. Must say those always left me smiling and content once I was done posting here.

Well, recently instead of thinking of any testosterone induced flavours, I have been thinking a lot about women. No, I am not hopping over the fence. The flavour shown here is a banana split, which is not really one flavour to be accurate. There is everything in it — 3 ice creme scoops, creme, cherry, syrup, banana and nuts. What is the most special part ofcourse are the yummy scoops of ice creme in it. And that is what every woman should be like: like a bowl of an ice creme sundae. 
[I feel like this is one of those posts where I am talking to myself and no one else whilst snapping my fingers in the air, but just go along.] Very recently I have successfully been able to live by the mantra I always wanted to experience- love yourself. Well I guess we all do somewhat love ourselves and not hate. Otherwise it would be difficult to imagine you here dealing with my idiosyncrasies and not banging your head on the wall. Back to Loving Yourself. It really does change everything. These 3 women/ actresses – Nicole LaLiberte, Kat Dennings and Amanda Seyfried have caught my fancy and it is not their hotness that allured me so much as it was their self confidence. Sure, now that I made this collage I am thinking they look related and I have a specific girl-crush-kind, but to be honest these 3 women seem super comfortable in their skin and with their personalities. They don’t try at all to fit into a mold to seem attractive. They love themselves. And that seems to be the answer to all problems. Love yourself and dont let some Banana or nuts change the sundae.

Six best in 2011 | Savio Jon SS 2012

There was no way that Goa based designer Savio Jon would be left out of this list. Been a fan for a long time and this year I was finally able to see his show live. A goosebumps giving sight,the show left a longing impression back in October.
Jasjyot Singh Hans is a mad talented kid who will be doing the sketches for the ‘six best in 2011‘ posts. He is a student at NID (I am now convinced this school graduates the most creative artists ) and makes original sketches which he puts up on his blog Ulti Chhatri.

1. Savio Jon look worn by Lakshmi Menon:

Effortless, casual and unusual. Detailing at unexpected places – slashed shirt at the back, dual collars, knotted trousers from the waist. Highlighting women’s new erogenous zones that they want to give a peek of to the universe. Savio Jon’s close friend and muse is international model Lakshmi Menon who even walked for the designer’s Spring-Summer 2012 show in Delhi. He lives in Goa & his girl here is a Beach girl who is super comfortable in her skin/body.

With a glowing sun kissed skin, this Indian girl doesn’t feel the need to show it off in swim wear. Doesnt even feel the need to wear makeup or carry a designer hand bag or an expensive watch… She loves to wear original garments that do not look like our Zara or Mango buys. Her BFF happens to be the coolest tailor/stylist from south India. Here, Lakshmi  is wearing knotted trousers and a shirt-blouse which is simple, but not so much. Sun, sea, and sand – she doesnt need much else to live happily ever after.

soundtrack : sade – by your side

show images:

Six best in 2011

Last year I did a wish list of items/activities I had wanted to do [but not did] in 2010. In order to avoid the confrontational question ‘So what all did you cross off in 2011??’ ; I am changing the route and going for a different kind of end-of-the-year list. This one is much more fashion centric and perhaps not so self indulgent. I worked with a budding artist on this and before even having the end result in hand (the artist is in motion), have decided to blog on it. 

This is a list of the best shows/looks from fashion shows encountered in 2011. With help of my day jobs I was able to see some incredible talent on the runway in Delhi based fashion weeks. From today every week, Jasjyot and I will be posting original sketches along with a textual interpretation from the best Indian fashion shows seen in 2011. 

I genuinely hope you enjoy these end of the year posts. The idea behind the collab was to interpret a designer’s creations in different formats.

She’s got a great a$s ^Bam^

Aah another Gaga video.
full of wierdzies. Bought back references from some of my favourite girl films – Girl, Interupted; Black Swan; Gia; Flashdance… Ofcourse, this is all original like Gaga always is.

Stop rolling your eyes at my 2-bits and notice another Paco Rabanne SS 2012 by Manish Arora sighting on Lady Gaga! (end look of the film).
Had previously posted a false look from the video here.

Of all the things one could have taken back from this video film. I took back that I need to head to the gym now.