Shivan & Narresh SS 2012 Lookbook shoot – part 2

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Shivan & Narresh Lookbook shoot

Shivan and Narresh just shot their Spring-Summer 2012 lookbook and I was allowed to crash and do my own shoot with the awesome iPhone 4S camera. Take a look at the images from behind the scenes. And if some look too good to be ‘behind the scenes’, then you can call me next time you want an ‘Instagram’ shoot done.

(that is a new word my younger cousins from college just taught me. Yup, always part of the It-Crowd.)

Narresh Kukreja with model Preeti Dhata

Shivan Bhatiya outside the British Council, Delhi where the shoot happened

Accessories from the collection

snack table.

The hair and makeup was fresh and really new. Done by upcoming make up and hair artist – Younten Tsomo

taking a look at the raw pictures

rare sun made an appearance

love the strappy details in this collection! very difficult to stitch these. Leave it to the experts – Shivan Narresh

Narresh usually is very well behaved.


another kind of shoot

The award that matters

Ofcourse everyone has an opinion on what the celebritays wear on a red carpet. And we love to point out the tiniest flaws. Yea, like your underwear line never showed when you last wore a dress. 
Here are my LIKES/THUMBS-UP from the Golden Globes red carpet:

  1. Elizabeth Olsen in Proenza Schouler
 Photos: Just Jared

Anyone who chooses to wear Proenza Schouler gets my vote. I kid. But not. Look at her. So Freshh!
2. Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackerman

In my opinion Tilda Swinton is perfect for Haider Ackerman. I would sleep peacefully if I knew she promises to wear Haider Ackerman on red carpet and Pringle off the carpet forever and ever. Sigh sweet dreams. (man I hope she is wearing Haider Ackerman. Sure looks like his work)

3. Emma Stone in Lanvin


I am kind of partial to Emma Stone. Funny, can act and has a body. Perfect girl. This dress is a gown, without the cinched in fuss. Love the effortless-ness. And this color really was the color of Fall Winter 2012 according to me. Her smile and the belt are in close competition for my vote as the best accessory.

Burberry Men Autumn/Winter 2012 Show Live

Watch the Burberry menswear show live today right here. 
9:30PM India time.


Till the wait, listen to Muse’s Exogenesis Symphony. What a brilliant mix of original and classic. I think Muse will be doing the soundtrack for the Burberry show. Not too sure about it. Guess you will HAVE TO WATCH IT LIVE HERE TO KNOW ^wink^wink^


This is the only kind of ‘beef’ reference you will read here. Being a happy and proud vegetarian, and last thing I would post about is a meaty food dish. Beef is what pops up in head when I see manly films. Fight films. Wrestling, boxing, MMA themed films. Can honestly say it might not all be about the intriguing (?) plot. The sweat and grit does it for me. whoa…this blog is taking a completely new tangent in the new year.? Not!

But let me enjoy the moment and mix business (fashion) with pleasure. Burberry boys are notoriously dapper English looking men. Ever since Christopher Bailey has been on the helm, some lucky ‘show biz’ men have been dressed up in the best fitting trousers and the most unique, warm color suits and seperates.

See below an image of Tom Hardy in Burberry men. Sigh. The last film I saw (which has become a rare activity now somehow) was Warrior starring him.. and only him. No no, there were other good actors in the film as well, but his character was the reason to watch for me.

Tom Hardy wearing Burberry to the Premiere of ‘Warrior’ in LA, 6th September 2011

Video google result of typing in ‘Tom Hardy’:

>  Warrior trailer. [behind the scenes here]

> Tom Hardy. Laughing.


> Tom Hardy. Talking

> Tom Hardy. Training

> Tom Hardy. Starring as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Six best in 2011 | Rohit Bal Couture

Aah the last of the ‘six best in 2011‘. Have to say, Jasjyot really made this sketch to be the icing on the sundae. Chose Rohit Bal’s Couture 2011 look as it somehow left a strong impression on me. His shows are usually a loud tamasha, and the same flounce is carried forward in his clothes. This time he went slightly low-key and showed some micro-detailed white on white couture pieces. Feel you never know what Rohit Bal is really like, and what his sensibility is like. To elaborate, I feel he seems to put up a front for public. And judging by some of his designs, it reinforces the belief that we have no idea what the real man is like. Much like a superhero who has a split personality. This is an ode to our version of a femme superhero. The garments didnt have the unnecessary under wiring and costume-y appeal. The clothes were timeless. And that is what you want from Rohit Bal. Not ‘what is the new hot this year?’ neither a already seen before (probably in his show only) period look. The clothes were neat yet very detailed. The skirts were not simple, yet fell on the body with ease. The jackets and blouses were perfectly tailored and could be worn as shown or with some trousers while driving your Kawasaki (That’s what bad-ass females drive? No?). This show was couture in its true sense, but not in its obvious (wedding-y) ways.

Jasjyot’s personal favourite, this girl is a vigilante. Heroine in its true sense: she is strong,  and determined. “She’s standing, on the cliff against mist and the night sky. She looks more aggressive in the passive posture, ready to charge any moment..Also, there’s a sword she’s carrying, unafraid of any challenge.” is how Jasjyot saw this girl to be. The garment is all white and simple UNTIL you get a closer look and see all the hidden detailing. Jasjyot found this sketch to be quite tedious because of the detailing on the skirt. No OTT flowing fabrics or  the usual embroidery. No open hair or bright make up. She is a warrior focused and confident. The hair is wrapped up with gold wire which is the only accessory she is wearing. Of course, she would slash you in half if you dare call her Samurai sword an accessory.

Jasjyot makes original sketches which he puts up on his blog Ulti Chhatri and did the sketches for the ‘six best in 2011‘ posts.


>images from the runway

rohit bal couture 2011


Jasjyot told me he had been watching a lot of Samurai Jack lately. Can’t help but give a shout out to the animation series that possibly influenced our artist.