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Summer Playlist 2012

I know, why the cheeku has there been no new post here!?
That’s the thing about blogs. I can post whatever whenever I like. Not always a good thing. So taking out time now, and doing a post on Summer Playlists – songs we are listening to right now. This is a second in the series of Angela and I shared post. Last time we blogged about lady musicians we were swooning over. This time although Angela has moved much closer geographically (from Bhopal to Delhi- HT office – same place I go sometimes), but we hardly get time to meet cause of work. 

So somehow she agreed to have a conversation on Whats App about 10 songs each from our playlists of summer songs. Turns out it took 45 minutes just to reach 5 songs. 

Result = 5 songs Angela hearts right now + our WhatsApp chat to support the selection + 5 songs I heart right now + my reasons written at some odd hour alone in my room + 5 more songs Angela sweetly emailed with reasons why (smart move) + 5 songs by me which I will type frEEstyle by the end of this post. 

Boo! Don’t leave yet. The post hasn’t even started yet. 
Now it has. but don’t leave!

Whats App conversation yesterday:
18/05/12 11:28:46 PM: Surabhi: Let's do this
18/05/12 11:30:16 PM: Angela: Yeaaaah!
18/05/12 11:30:40 PM: Surabhi: This could be very lame
18/05/12 11:30:48 PM: Surabhi: *pressure*
18/05/12 11:31:23 PM: Angela: Hahaha. True.
18/05/12 11:31:47 PM: Surabhi: Ok so we are making a song list for songs of summer
18/05/12 11:32:03 PM: Surabhi: What did that mean to you? How did you select?
18/05/12 11:32:36 PM: Surabhi: Hello?
18/05/12 11:32:57 PM: Angela: Summer for me kinda means chirpy funn light sunny feeling
18/05/12 11:33:26 PM: Angela: So I thought of songs that make me feel that way from the songs that I've recently heard
18/05/12 11:34:19 PM: Angela: You didn't tell me what's on your list.
18/05/12 11:34:29 PM: Surabhi: Sweet, already have ur list. And some of the songs I promise I would've put in my list too!!
18/05/12 11:35:06 PM: Angela: Haha. We belong together ๐Ÿ’š
18/05/12 11:35:39 PM: Surabhi: I'll tell u mine after urs is done. But it will seamlessly combine # truelove
18/05/12 11:36:02 PM: Surabhi: So 1st is m83 midnight city

18/05/12 11:36:54 PM: Angela: I think for midnight city, it was more of how it started. That tune thing in the beginning.
18/05/12 11:37:12 PM: Surabhi: Yea like that owlish oos
18/05/12 11:37:27 PM: Angela: Hehe. Yes ๐Ÿ™‚
18/05/12 11:37:44 PM: Angela: And if I remember correctly, it has an interesting video.
18/05/12 11:37:52 PM: Surabhi: It's a nice dance-alone-in-ur-room song hehe
18/05/12 11:38:06 PM: Angela: Yes.
18/05/12 11:38:08 PM: Surabhi: Yup, just watching it. Kids running around
18/05/12 11:38:28 PM: Angela: You know how you love 'dancing in the moonlight''s beginning.
18/05/12 11:38:41 PM: Surabhi: Yesss!
18/05/12 11:38:48 PM: Angela: That's how I love the begging of this song!
18/05/12 11:39:01 PM: Surabhi: Oo will not forgt that
18/05/12 11:39:18 PM: Surabhi: Ok your 2nd is cave by Mumford and sons

18/05/12 11:39:29 PM: Surabhi: Such a SUMMER song *sigh
18/05/12 11:39:50 PM: Angela: Ohhh. That's one of the funnest song to sing along too.
18/05/12 11:40:01 PM: Angela: And the video was shot in GOAAAA!
18/05/12 11:40:17 PM: Surabhi: True. Only wish could hear it sitting behind in the scooter driving in goa
18/05/12 11:40:18 PM: Angela: Funnest close to goyte.
18/05/12 11:40:27 PM: Surabhi: Sigh^^^
18/05/12 11:40:36 PM: Angela: With wind blowing in your hair
18/05/12 11:40:54 PM: Angela: Wearing cutoffss. LOL.
18/05/12 11:40:58 PM: Surabhi: The lyrics are intense and yet it's a fun sun song. How!?
18/05/12 11:41:53 PM: Surabhi: Aa that's on my bucket list. Drive a scooter ๎Œจ
18/05/12 11:41:58 PM: Angela: I think I always think of the video when I listen to song
18/05/12 11:42:09 PM: Surabhi: Confession: I never learned how to ride a bike :/
18/05/12 11:42:15 PM: Angela: Mine is: buy a Vespa and ambassador.
18/05/12 11:42:20 PM: Angela: Haaawwww!
18/05/12 11:42:36 PM: Angela: HAHAHAH.
18/05/12 11:43:05 PM: Surabhi: Yes ambassador! We should tots make this happen
18/05/12 11:43:40 PM: Angela: Yaaa!
18/05/12 11:44:06 PM: Surabhi: I don't want to move away from this song. Can hear it over and over
18/05/12 11:44:19 PM: Surabhi: But let's move on ๐Ÿ˜›
18/05/12 11:44:46 PM: Surabhi: 3. Titanium sia guetta

18/05/12 11:44:48 PM: Angela: Hehe. I loooove the song!
18/05/12 11:45:15 PM: Angela: Ohhh. That song makes me all floating feeling-y. I hope that makes sense.
18/05/12 11:45:33 PM: Surabhi: That's my gym song. Another confession : the only time I watch tv is in gym and sometimes that's all I'm doing at gym
18/05/12 11:45:38 PM: Surabhi: Haha so sad
18/05/12 11:46:03 PM: Surabhi: But this song always manages to give that extra push to increase the speed
18/05/12 11:47:10 PM: Surabhi: And in the video when the 2 voluptuous women r running in slo mo, that just scares me to run even faster
18/05/12 11:47:22 PM: Surabhi: Hehe ANYWAYS why is this ur fav song?
18/05/12 11:47:50 PM: Surabhi: Oh u already said why.. Floaty happy?
18/05/12 11:48:01 PM: Angela: Yes!
18/05/12 11:49:49 PM: Surabhi: Do u also love how she says 'ricochet'
18/05/12 11:50:07 PM: Angela: Yessss
18/05/12 11:50:18 PM: Surabhi: Haha it's just not a word u hear often
18/05/12 11:50:30 PM: Angela: Confession: I never can sing the 'titanium' part. Lol.
18/05/12 11:50:47 PM: Surabhi: Oh yea the looooooong stretch
18/05/12 11:50:59 PM: Surabhi: I would say its a tough song to sing
18/05/12 11:51:39 PM: Angela: I ALWAYS stress on ricochet
18/05/12 11:52:00 PM: Surabhi: Ok Angela's #4 is Florence- Shake it out

18/05/12 11:52:15 PM: Angela: I just LOVE her!
18/05/12 11:53:00 PM: Angela: Starts off slow and just gets amazing! Gets you all pumped.
18/05/12 11:53:04 PM: Surabhi: Florence is pretty
18/05/12 11:53:19 PM: Angela: Yaaa. And her hair โค
18/05/12 11:53:47 PM: Surabhi: Ooo u could pull off a Florence welch
18/05/12 11:54:12 PM: Angela: Yaaa?
18/05/12 11:54:29 PM: Surabhi: ..And dress is designer dresses ^swoon
18/05/12 11:54:55 PM: Angela: Whites and pastels.
18/05/12 11:54:56 PM: Surabhi: But the SONG is as u said gets u pumped
18/05/12 11:55:07 PM: Angela: Yesss.
18/05/12 11:56:18 PM: Surabhi: #5 Das racist chicken and meat

18/05/12 11:56:30 PM: Surabhi: Not heard this one
18/05/12 11:56:33 PM: Angela: I want to move my hands and dance to florwnce
18/05/12 11:56:37 PM: Surabhi: Hearing it now
18/05/12 11:56:51 PM: Angela: It's a damn funn superrr random song
18/05/12 11:57:12 PM: Angela: Indian rappers
18/05/12 11:57:19 PM: Angela: Doing really well in US
18/05/12 11:57:21 PM: Surabhi: Ha! Vid is like Blair witch on LSD
18/05/12 11:57:40 PM: Surabhi: Who is Das racist?
18/05/12 11:57:57 PM: Angela: Three rappers. Two, I think, are Indians.
18/05/12 11:58:25 PM: Surabhi: Hahha crazy fun
18/05/12 11:58:34 PM: Angela: Haina.
18/05/12 11:58:41 PM: Angela: It's a funn car song.
18/05/12 11:59:00 PM: Surabhi: I really wanna YouTube 'behind the scenes' of Das racist after this..
18/05/12 11:59:11 PM: Surabhi: They r just reciting random words!
18/05/12 11:59:47 PM: Angela: Yup!
18/05/12 11:59:56 PM: Surabhi: They r in USA?
19/05/12 12:00:20 AM: Surabhi: ' I drive marooti'
19/05/12 12:00:25 AM: Surabhi: Haha fools
19/05/12 12:00:32 AM: Angela: You drive Tata
19/05/12 12:00:32 AM: Surabhi: But it grows on ya
19/05/12 12:00:41 AM: Angela: I know!
19/05/12 12:01:17 AM: Surabhi: Yo, let me know if u get busy and can't do this anymore
19/05/12 12:01:57 AM: Angela: I'm gonna be busy for around 20-30. Just leaving for ghar. You'll be awake?
19/05/12 12:02:37 AM: Surabhi: See ya
19/05/12 12:43:08 AM: Angela: I'm back!
19/05/12 10:15:42 AM: Surabhi: Sorry I dozed

Uhmmm, clearly I have a rambling problem. So we decided to email the rest of the song list. Before listing the concluding 5 songs from Angela, here are my top 5 songs:

#1 Citizens! ‘True Romance’
This is my latest band crush. Introduced by TN Dao. I like the use of electronic instruments along with traditional ones. In one youtube video I saw the drummer making tune out of a drum stick and a pan. worked.
Oh! and the video is made from some south Indian film song video. Couldn’t sum up the awesomeness better than how a youtube comment put it: “power rangers samurai๏ปฟ the musical

#2 Vampire Weekend ‘White Sky’
Another band I am too late to follow. But I never let that stop me from talking. Vampire Weekend I heard through a fashion connection. The boys had attended Kenzo show and the directors Humberto and Carol are fans. So they have used their song in a show before as well. I love the music and fashion romantic pairings. especially when you go ‘Aah! that makes sense why!’

#3 Saneha Khanwalker ‘Tung Tung’
Heard this song via a TV show where the music producer/composer travels to unexpected rural and urban regions in India to find voices that would become music with her magical sense of putting random sounds together. The show airs on MTV India is called Sound Trippin. Just seen the premiere episode which had this song from Punjab. All the women in this video are my new crushes. just saying.

#4 Peter Cat Recording Co. ‘Pariquel’
These Delhi kids make you sit up. They are so effing effortless. And crazy good. The lead singer especially has a wonderful voice and doesn’t look like he’s putting on an accent (which somehow ALWAYS happens when we Indian people sing in English). This song is Pariquel which is a hinglish way of saying Prequel I’m guessing. Also love the keyboard or whatever is happening instrumentally which sounds like Adams Family doomsday-ey.

#5 Morrissey ‘ Let me kiss you’
What is summer without swoon worthy songs. Morrissey the king of those type, sings ‘Let me kiss you’ and makes you sad BUT still make you hit Replay over and over again. Instead of analyzing why this one, am just going to post some lyrics from the song:

There’s a place in the sun
For anyone who has the will to chase one..AND I, I think I’ve found mine Yes, I do believe I have found mineClose your eyes and think of someone you physically admire

And let me kiss you, let me kiss you
But then you open your eyes and you see someone that you physically despise
But my heart is open, my heart is open to you. 

Still not done.
Don’t leave.


#6 Jhameel ‘Collision’

“(one of my favorite new artists, you have to watch his youtube videos, lovely stuff) Listening to him just makes me happy. It’s got the beat, a flow. a funn listen. He even replied to a post of mine on his FB page. LOVE!”

#7 Beirut ‘Scenic World’
“Beirut is one of my all-yime fave bands. They’re absolutely lovely. I can listen to them anytime and anywhere. They have some awesome instruments in their songs. Interesting sounds. Beginnings of their songs are beautiful :)”

#8 Wild Child ‘ Pillow Talk’ 
“It has an indie- folky sound to it. And weirdly enough, it’s an wonderful pillow song. While you’re laying in bed, thinking about love and other  things. hehe. It a light, floaty song.”

#9 Jhameel ‘Waves’ 
“All the same reasons as above. This was my first favourite Jhameel song. Still loooove eeeet!”

#10 Foster the People ‘Waste’

“Foster is always a good listen in the car, while walking, in an auto daydreaming :)”

#6 FUN. feat. Janelle Monae ‘We are Young’
I have to admit when I first came across the song I changed the TV channel. But once I heard it after the slow mo chorus ‘Tonight we are young..’ there was no changing channels. And even though Janelle Monae is there for 5 seconds, the song is so complete because of her. 

#7 Citizens! cover of David Bowie’s ‘Prettiest Star’
This song makes you misty. How brilliant would it be if Citizens! and Bowie sang this together :o.

#8 Ashanti ‘Rock Wit U’
Aa, 90s RnB. I was a fan. And this video epitomizes summer time for me. A summer which I never had – white sand beach, hot body, ocean and my own elephant!!

#9 Citizens! ‘Reptile’
Another Citizens! song. I already admitted I’m in love with them, right? Well I am. And I am sure it will continue for some time now. And their album is just about to be launched.

#10 Pearl Jam cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption song’ 
Any song Eddie Vedder covers becomes a favorite. And can’t imagine any Bob Marley song without a backdrop of a sunny Jamaican sea.