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Keep the past in the past and notice
That I only ever did what I thought was rightKeep the past in the past and notice me tonightCelestine, it’s autumn now, it feels like an ageEven I know when the curtain falls, it’s time to leave the stageAll I ask is will you lie to me, tell me that they can’t stop meI know the night is young, b-b-b-but tomorrow we might not be

Fred’s comb water is the drink of the day

Hard days night

them checking out lovestruckcow. 

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Good day!

Little Black Jacket

Coco Chanel must’ve been a future teller. She knew exactly what would work in the future. And she made it work in her present too. A true game changer. She created such strong products which gave the wearer chance to personalize it their own way, enough to be relatable to very different personalities. for example: a Chanel 2.55 quilted bag was loved by LA socialite Paris Hilton and it was also worn by grunge-y Courtney Love or french actress Vanessa Paradis. All these three women have distinctly different styles and tastes, but the bag somehow appealed to all of them and they wore it their own way.
It wasn’t just the bag. The camellia flower, the costume pearl jewelry, the black dress and the tweed skirt suit. It makes a good sense for Chanel marketing team to re-launch celebrate the classic black jacket this year. How? Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld brought together a bunch of celebrity friends (109 of them) and dressed them in different Chanel looks including the black tweed jacket of course. Karl clicked photos and end result a beautiful Chanel book of pictures of Kanye West, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elizabeth Olsen, Fanning sisters, Alexander Wang, Anna Wintour, and 102 more famous people. 
Fine. Everyone is doing books today in fashion. Celebrating heritage and honoring it with a book seems to validate the brand as a considerate one. Don’t get me wrong – these books are awesome. I wish to own most of them even if they each cost $100-$200. But this book especially would be a good one. A black jacket is a very simple piece of garment to own. A Chanel one is hardly mundane, but still clean enough to pair with rolled up jeans or a sari or dress. I would definitely buy one when/if I earn a lot more money. And then I would wear my glass slippers and go for Karl’s picnic and he would say in a mix of German-French “Wow! you made a completely new look with our jacket!” 
**dream full stop**
A look at the images released on the internet :

(no images are owned by lovestruckcow)

I remember doing a feature on black jackets in October 2010 (jpeg below) The two international looks  selected were both from then held Chanel show. It was a no brainer.  

Shillong Trip

Follow up from the last post, the first and only Shillong visit spanned over three days. Hence got to explore the place a bit. And even better when with Miss Nidhi Jacob. Add Nikhil D to the mix and it could’ve been brilliant, but most days he was busy with his fashion shoot for Marie Claire India (where Nidhi and Nikhil work). Nidhi and I went to the sunday market on the day off and found some sweet finds for 60/- rupees each. These images should better sum up the trip to Shillong >>

this fruit is supposed to be tangy and yummy. I didn’t have the balls to try. But they looked pretty!
another thing everybody seems to eat there. Paan. But not the kind you would’ve seen in Delhi. Bigger and greener leaf with mother of all supaari and white choona (don’t try it. unless you want your mouth to look like it gets non stop menstrual bleeding)
I love Indian fruits. They just seem so real with their color and irregular shapes and sizes. *slurp*
hanging out at Nikhil’s room before the fashion show. The first time I heard that Gotye song.
Nidhi and Jahanvi (Elle India). Nidhi’s skirt is by Savio Jon
jewelry for Nikhil D shoot by Blur

Nathaniel (The Closet owner) ‘s mother. She was wearing a James Fereira dress.

One of the natural beauties of Shillong is the lake which I got to see half asleep while on the road traveling uphill. There is a forrest on top of the hill where Nikhil did part of his fashion shoot. right outside the jungle, the open hill top serves as a picnic place for the locals.

Nikhil found a village which corresponded with his shoot theme. Nidhi and I hung out and chased hens and chickens while he was busy working. Noo, that was just me.

Before the shoot, Nidhi and I spent hours in the local market. Can’t recall the last time I spent that much time in any market place. It was worth it, definitely soaked in a lot of local culture, and flavor. Except for that north Indian halwaai shop we stopped for chai (why? have no answer)

Nidhi and I wanted to take our photo next to the Delhi and Mumbai neighboring salons. Ofcourse I was to stand outside Mumbai salon and she was to stand next to Delhi. We’re cool like that (not).
Nidhi wanted to buy gifts for EVERYONE! thank god this cap didn’t cut it.

We did manage to buy ourselves pair of identical PT shoes. Noooo, they are not PT shoes! they’re better!..
But they do hurt our feet..sometimes.

The Closet show in Shillong

You know a city is ready for a fashion event when their not-for-profit charitable society – The Bethany Society, associates themselves with a fashion show and the lady addressing the guests is neatly dressed in a catholic uniform and sensible black patent leather pumps. The trip to Shillong was organized by the soon to be launched designer boutique ‘The Closet‘ and the government. A designer boutique in Shillong will be a first of its kind launch, add to that a fashion show with some current leading Indian models, designers (James Fereira and Jenjum Gadi) from Mumbai and Delhi. I had heard some exciting things about Shillong before and so it wasn’t difficult to say yes to cover it for this blog. Spending 3 days there, I realized a few things:

  • women are same world over
Sounds like a Beyonce song, but it is true! from the director of the Bethany Society, to the Closet owner – Nathaniel Weller’s grandmother – all seemed equally excited about the designer show. You could see the effort put in to dress up for the evening and that they were all looking smashing.
  • men are same too
The boys were equally excited about the fashion show for the same reasons as the Delhi boys get excited for – to see the models. They were dressed to impress and punctually seated on their seats. The nudges and whispers during the show were all very similar to any other fashion show we’ve seen. Though have to say, that they might have a heads up in being better dressed than general Delhi boys.

  • fashion students
There is a NIFT(National institute of Fashion) in Shillong which was news to me. And the government had made provision for the students to participate in the same showing by selecting the work of a few talented designers and letting them open the event. Feel this does give the students a lot of encouragement and learnings by making available resources given to the established designers like James Fereira. However, it could have been a better showcase if the organizers would have mentored the new talent by helping them edit the pieces, provided accessories, etc. There was talent there, but the showcase was a bit confusing. 
  • Christianity could be fashionable
I didn’t realize it till the next day’s chat over lunch. The closing of the show with a white dress collection, the very last look being a bridal white sari-gown, the gospel children, the short dresses showcased on models  to look like brides maids -who walked the runway with cute flower girls in frocks…. it was all planned out! Shillong is a Christian centric society and this was done to please the audience. 
  • After party

Some things will always be associated with fashion. A very planned out post event party was organized by the hosts to entertain the visiting guests to Shillong. An open bar, live band, dinner buffet and two venues. Yup, the actual official after party was at another place in the city and our party was unofficially held at the swanky hotel the models were staying at. Pity, as this could’ve been a good chance for the out of towers to interact with the locals and exchange ideas on fashion and city cultures. And since we were staying in different hotels, this chance diminished even more during the entire duration of the stay. 

It will be interesting to see how a follow up fashion event in Shillong looks like. But it was also interesting to have experienced the first one.. AND in company of my Mumbai city friends (more in the next post)
A few images from the event:

the closing look by Surily Joseph in James Fereira sari

them city boys

a NIFT Shillong students collection 

the NIFT Shillong students’ collection

entertainment in form of a hip-hop traditional dance. Cray fun!

James Fereira Fall Winter 2012 

James Fereira Fall Winter 2012 

Enjoying old-school-banquet-hall cheesy-snacks at the unofficial after-party with Nidhi J

models off duty
models dance to Beatles too. Wait, who doesn’t!? 
the official billboard of the event WITH ‘lovestruckcow’ BRANDING!! 🙂
(look at the bottom-right corner of the white board.. see it? ok, it is tiny, but still great to me!)
The fashion showing covered by the local media front page

if you couldn’t see the blog name on the billboard image above 🙂