Spring Summer 2013 – skin

Yup. Prepare to wear underwear as outerwear. Not literally. But there will be hints of underwear showing with the peeking designs seen popular on the runway for summer next year. The world is turning a bit Italian for the summer. They want to flaunt their Godly gifts. I’m all for it. Make them jaws drop. Don’t ever think about ‘what will others think’. You live for you. And for sampling the trends, of course. You don’t need to show it all in one go. If you like your legs, wear a skirt with a slit peeking the thighs. Like your midriff – layer a brassiere top with an open shirt/jacket. Like your breasts – the cut out tops are adorable and very tastefully crafted. Go ahead. Show some skin.

images: vogue.co.uk

Spring Summer 2013 – Tea

images: vogue.co.uk

Tea compliments blog writing. It’s a happy zone to enter with my huge mug of tea, macbook and headphones. Going through the next season’s collection, adoring the ladylike dressing sights. Some dresses must come accompanied with a saucer pan and cup with brewing tea. Japanese tea is what I fancy right now. Mint is an all time favourite. Would love to try matcha someday. 

Designers Costello Tagliapietra collection is something wouldn’t mind wearing everyday of summer. Fun but with a somber constraint. Comfortable but not simple. This long dress is to be worn for a tea meeting in the city. Dolce & Gabbana the kings of maximalist style continued their vacation in Sicily. Pour me a hot cup of darjeeling and sit me down next to Domenico and Stefano -an item off the bucket list right there. Tomas Maier at Bottega has been romanticizing the brand by adding prints, textures, tea stained colors. This woman will never need to use a tea bag. Luxuriously happy with her loose tea leaves.


It’s been a while since I posted street style pictures. I’m not an expert photographer but I can’t help stop complete strangers when I find what they wear interesting. Interesting doesnt mean one kind of a trend. A lot of times my friends commented why the heck would I approach a certain person for street style. Because I like to celebrate diversity. How tragic would it be if everyone dressed one very fashionable way. Mistakes are brilliant. Infact ‘mistakes’ is a very relative term to me. There are no mistakes, how you dress shows what your personality is or the mood you are in. Wear many layers of clothes with different patterns, textures, colors and you are saying ‘Im not an open book: I am complicated and interesting to know.’ Wear a neglige dress with open hair and sandals and you are saying you are super comfortable with your body and not afraid of getting “what was she thinking!?” slightly jealous glances. These are amazing to me and they are not as easy as looks seen on the runway.

Spring Summer 2013 – Woman

Woman is such an honorary word. I see not all females as women. Woman is a title which girls own for themselves. Being a woman to me means you are a true feminist. Comfortable in own body and so very proud and happy. Celebrating the gifts and not discouraged by the flaws. Fashion industry has some amazing women in power. Most of my heroes are from this segment. For Spring Summer 2013, three designers stuck to their skills of sculpting women with their creations, and gave a collection that makes you want to become a woman too. 

images: vogue.co.uk

Michele Obama is another woman I really like. She gave new meaning to the word ‘First Lady’ as not just a man’s wife but a leading woman. 

Spring Summer 2013 ~ Water Baby

Yo, I am a water baby. Have been fantasizing having a water-bed since the 80s. Till I found out a water bed is just water filled inside plastic and not living inside a mini swimming pool. Blue is my favourite color. Or whatever is the color of water is my favourite color. 

Recently held Spring Summer 2013 shows in NY and London made me think of some trend stories I wanted to play around with on Picassa. So here is #1: Water color –

images: vogue.co.uk
Either these designer dressing or sitting atop a board in the middle of ocean. Same joy*

courtesy: surfer.com

Red with Envy

Mr. Louboutin sure knows how to think differently. Shoes that make shapes with women’s arches that make them men drool. He knows how to think like a woman, man and business man. The current season look book shoot is a testament to this out of the box thinking. See below images of the Christian Louboutin Fall Winter 2012 Lookbook shot by photographer Peter Lippmann. Surreal, grander than something you put on your feet, celebrations is how I saw the new collection. Below is the press note to understand the idea behind the imagery better:
“The collection stands illuminated at dusk against some of the most celebrated landscapes in the designer’s native Paris. The shoes and bags become part of these historical French monuments, at home in the city that has housed the brand for 20 years. 

Exclusive images of Christian Louboutin Lookbook FW 2012 shoot:
Pont Alexandre III bridge that spans the river Seine regarded as the most ornate bridge in Paris decorated with Loubi pumps
The gardens of Trocadero on the site of Palace of Chaillot decorated with new collection of tie-up boots and booties. Can you spot the Farida Paris tote?
Decorating the great bridges of the city such as the Pont Des Arts where the shoes entertain strolling couples with an eccentric street art exhibit.
Shooting arcs of water into the fountain at the Place de la Concorde, a monument dedicated to the seas, where the shoes weave themselves in amongst naiads holding fish.
My favorite shot – Loubis sitting eerily with the gargoyles at the top of the Notre Dame over looking the sun setting across the vista. 

Christian Louboutin unofficial ambassador, burlesque dancer and all around wonder woman Dita Von Teese hologram for a launch earlier this year is another larger than life positioning of the Louboutin heels. Dita is as much a wonder than these monuments I think. 

Spring Summer 2013

Last week New York Fashion Week commenced. Directing us to Spring Summer 2013 styles. From what Ive seen, I like the new wave of American designers emphasizing on extensive hand embroideries, patters, prints for ready to wear. They are creating a tribe of their own. No no, lets not call this tribe Hipsters. Way cooler.

original image from http://selfservicemagazine.com