Entering the New Year

Going to Goa for the following 4 days. No, not for Sunburn festival. I do not deny good dance music, but I am much more excited to declare love for Pop music. The good folks from Live from the Console Mumbai are traveling to Goa for a two day festival and getting the band Cults on the 29th Dec to perform for the Goan audience. I liked the Cults the first time I heard it, and developed a slight girl crush on Madeline after hearing her voice online (posted before here). This opportunity was too good to miss and if all things go as planned, will be seeing the Cults live from the Console!!

I believe the tickets are still up for sale and you should make the effort if you are a fan of good music (on the beach!!). Details on Facebook here, and BookmyShow here.

My instrument of choice to swoon to this year was definitely the xylophone. This famous song by Cults has a great bit with the xylophone. Convincing enough to come for the festival?

Carrying on, spending the new years eve with a friend in Goa as well. Different kinda music, still on the beach! Delhi based Audio Visual act BLOT, Madhav Shorey aka Kohra, Arjun Vagale (DJ Mag rated #1 DJ in India) are all performing for this Kitty Su B!#ch New Years Eve party. Whats fun is that most of these guys are dating swell girls who will all be there too, making for great company. Again, join and chill in sunny Goa. 

Tickets here
Details on Facebook here

The set up is really fun – right on the beach with an AV show on a pirate ship which will also be the DJ console. There will be fully stocked food and beverages right there and the beach is sort of owned by the hotel Lalit so you can be carefree throughout the night and have a great time. 

wish list for him/ her

The festival of giving was yesterday but giving gifts is always special no matter when. These items feel pretty awesome gift ideas that I found online. Feel free to make them your own. Happy gifting x

  • Lacoste by Micah Lidberg polo shirt
American illustrator Micah Lidberg partnered with Lacoste L!VE to create an exclusive capsule line for Fall Winter 2012-13. Give to the polo shirt wearing friend who is on a look out for something unique and surprising. Micah took some inspiration from his childhood using some of his favourite things like dinosaurs, flying saucers, jungles even unicorns using bright colours and motion. Putting these elements together, he wanted “to make a collection that was for the young heart” irrespective of age. translation = good gift idea for one who likes to have fun in life.
Buy: Lacoste L!VE stores nationwide


  • Bright Star Wallets by Comme des Garcons
Wallets are there in almost all gifting thoughts. But most are lame. These have stars and pretty unisex item to give.. What?! The brand name itself mean ‘Like the Boys’ !!
Buy: here 

  • Mixtape by Milktape
This one is a keeper. A USB drive in shape of a mixtape. The new kids won’t even know what this funny looking shape is. I’m usually not for things that are super ‘hipster’ with no purpose. This, pretty useful for anyone with a computer. 
Buy: here via http://joannagoddard.blogspot.in

  • HOH Underwear
Undies – everybody needs em. but gift the unusual ones. like the Henry Holland ones with labels on them describing your down under situation. refrain from gifting these to parents, or in-laws. 
Buy: here

  • Surf Spray
I’m quite a doofus when it comes to buying beauty products. Tried and tested with many variety but still I like to go with my own instinct when purchasing. This bumble + bumble has been on my wish list for very long. Perhaps simply because of the name and the packaging. If you get one for him or her, let me know if it got the smiles.
Buy: here

Meri Christmas !!

I knew early on Christmas is a festival for the west. Never was there gifts under my tree (read: plant decorated with streamers). Nor was their anything more than candy from my mother’s cabinet found in the stocking. But I also heard of ‘christmas miracle’ and this year it was that. Puma asked us to pick gifts from their massive store in central Delhi. I got the PUMA Usain Bolt Faas shoes. They are the lightest pair in the world! Wearing them feels like socks with cushioned soles. Its brilliant and it makes you want to be like Usain Bolt… well atleast pose like him if not run. Already a Puma fan, last sneakers were bought from a voucher that won at a Bangalore management fest (you will know what that is if you studied at a business school). The other pair are hightops that I bought from my first few salaries. Good addition to the memories. 

Finally have a laptop bag/ travel bag. Details here.
The Faas series in Jamaican colors. Details here.

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Shillong Fashion Week Dairy # 2

Part two series of the Shillong Fashion Week Diary by Rin Jajo. A pictorial essay on his trip to Shillong:
Police Bazaar a day before Durga Puja began. Glory’s Plaza on the right is one of Shillong’s first shopping complex and is famous for shops that sell a selection of trendy clothes and shoes.
In Police Bazar, there are many handicraft pieces on sale, mostly decorative baskets woven out of cane and bamboo along with bamboo spatulas and wooden serving spoons. I like that these are locally produced, eco-friendly and sustainable as a form of business. There’s much that can be done with bamboo and the North-east has it in plenty.
There is no escaping Bollywood even in the North-east. Even with the popularity of English and Korean movies, Bollywood still holds sway over many.
Rakesh Agarwal’s choreography involved a bit of a skit in the beginning with the models talking among themselves.  
‘Bung by Bung’ ended their show with a collection of wedding dresses.
Rohit Bal met with the adulation of fans and attended the fashion week as a guest of the Chief Minister.
A model struts in a creation by ‘Magic M’. What she’s wearing is a sarong, a traditional garment worn by tribal women in the North-east, usually woven on a loom. The model sports a more contemporary interpretation of the sarong with this particular piece carrying floral motifs, instead of the more traditional patterns.
Detail of Sophie Sangma’s collection. The traditional weave and patterns have been used as elements in the outfit.
Sophie handing out jewellery to a model backstage.
Archana looking divine in Jenjum Gadi. She has such gorgeous eyes!
Jenjum Gadi’s white kurta, being one of my favourite pieces from his collection.
Edward Lalrempuia making new friends backstage. 
Julie Deb who played hostess to the delegation of designers and models.
The fittings took place at the Umiam Lake Resort. This one is particular was for Gaurav & Ritika who weathered though hungover models.
Details of a dress by Gaurav & Ritika.
A hill sliced right through to make way for the highway.
A quaint houseboat on the lake 
By far the most relaxed among all the designers at the shows, Anand’s effervescent personality made for great company.
I think she was trying to put on her shoes, in Anand Bhushan.
Detail of the khasi Jainsem, as shown by Elizabeth Marbaning
Rachel plays the part of a bride for Amoii.
The audience was treated to an opera performance.
Gaurav & Ritika’s sporty meets space age.
Nathaniel Weller Rynjah and Nachiket Barve.
Nachiket’s collection comprised of a riot of colours with rich textures brought about through embroidery and embellishments.
Nachiket Barve’s collection backstage.
Nachiket Barve’s collection backstage.
Nachiket Barve’s collection
Nachiket Barve show backstage
Ketho is a model from Nagaland. I hope it wont be very long before models from the North-east make it big in the mainstream Indian fashion scene.
For the after-party, we went back to the resort where there was a relaxed pool-side setting.
The lovely Elaine and Asu who played the perfect hosts made sure we had a good time!
The CM took to stage and belted out some popular tracks.
ELLE India’s Editor in chief Nonita Kalra.
Ritika, Amit and Gaurav
Jenjum Gadi with Alexa Tham who walked the ramp at the fashion week.
All’s well that ends well! Rohit Bal in his true signature style was the life of the party!