sustainable fashion by Nikhil D.

Yes its time to come out of the dark. 
There are too many good things happening around us for me to be in a ‘mood’ to not update. My apologies for that. To start with a close friend and talented stylist (his work here- worked on a very personal project with 11.11 ElevenEleven and created a line of one size all / same for both sex Tshirt collection. 

I personally love the results for the following reasons – 
A. They are the perfect length for me. Not the snugly weird cap-sleeves styles that is so popular in the women’s Tshirt range in the market. The neckline is clean, it ends on the right space in between butt and legs.
B. It ain’t synthetic. Its cotton or silks in natural hues. I like what blends in with nature. 
C. Its made with recycled fabrics. Nikhil used scraps from the 11.11 archives and created unique pieces to sell. So once you buy one Tshirt, there is no replica of the same with anyone else. 

Nikhil put in his styling skills after the Tshirt line was complete to work with photographer Colston Julian in Mumbai and make a short film with his friends starring and modeling the Tshirts. Some images shot by Nikhil D behind the scene during the filming – 

The film we be showcased TODAY (Friday, 28 June) at The Grey Garden in Hauz Khas Village 6PM onwards. Feel free to drop in to buy the limited edition collection, browse, meet like minded people and enjoy Live music by Alisha Batth

Address for the event: 
The Grey Garden2nd Floor, 13 A, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi28th June 2013, Friday

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