even if I tried

Though I am not proud to say much has progressed in my life in the new year, I can say this year I feel I have become more comfortable with myself- with faults and all. I wear my specs to events and be able to SEE, I sing aloud 90s pop songs while running in the park, At work I can wear my jacket chest to backside and feel less cold, I’m not too shy to smile at boys who are ‘out of my league’ (as a ‘friend’ not so gently put it to me). You might say its hardly an achievement, but to me its a step closer to being all that I can be. We say a lot of times the world doesn’t see who we really are and feel misunderstood. Instead of putting on an act of a better first impression, being myself will project me best to the world. Perhaps also help me see the path that I need to take to reach my dreams. To sum it up, optimistic and being comfortable are the positive remarks on my report card SemesterI 2014. Or how I would read it- self assured and growing. 

Here are a few inspirations of the moment –

effing Christopher Kane is such a force. Keeps blowing the mind with what he designs every collection. Image- Fall Winter 2014 by British Vogue.

Proenza Schouler last year Spring-Summer show was about making the ugly beautiful. I only saw beauty. Image from Jak and Jil

Aneeth Arora’s péro shows are a reflection of hardwork, team effort, adorableness, and clear direction. I find her an amazing inspiration.

Band of Outsiders FW 2014-15 show. Just saw this and realized how there is place for imperfection. even on the runway. Image- Fall Winter 2014 by British Vogue.

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