Top Ten Unfashionable Must-Haves

You know those Youtube ads featuring girls who LOVE fashion and are taking your precious seconds from viewing the video you typed in to see to tell you what hair-do to make for a PERFECT date? Can’t stand em. Not that they do not have an ADORABLE hair-do or slinky dress on, but to advocate an idea of perfection which simply can’t be measured is irksome. Anything advocated in the name of fashion is starting to get to me. Yes, I realise I am writing on a FASHION BLOG and I need to CHILL. Perhaps its the Radiohead music thats soothing and irking my emotions as I type this, but words are flowing out. Is it that stuff which is FASHIONABLE & TRENDY are reasons enough for us to run and purchase? Sometimes lived-in and convenient can make a treasured purchase. So in the tradition of advocating the uncalled for, here is a LIST OF TOP TEN UNFASHIONABLE WARDROBE MUST HAVES (and I didn’t even disrupt your Youtube viewing) 

Steve Jobs wore them, Obama wears them, and your father wears them. Three incredible people wear it year after year. That means they are a classic. Wear with anything you want – laid back style Tshirt, or under a bohemian dress to emphasize on your lady-hood. Not much can trump the manliness of this piece of garment. They might not be seen on the runway anytime soon, but they can teach something about having confidence enough to wear whatever the heck you like. 

Ok- perhaps I’m getting a tad personal here. Having an elder brother, I did get his hand me downs growing up. Sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies – baggy and long still sit in my wardrobe taking a lot of space. Its the idea of leaving everything for imagination which perhaps makes it so less fashionable. Then again having left everything for imagination could be alluring? Hmm maybe this theory works easier on GQ centerfolds of the likes of Megan Fox. 

Cool girls wear it and make it fashionable. But the idea of an elastic band slinky, long, loose shorts deems it an easy clothing. Doesn’t count if the shorts are not short and don’t touch the knees. 

This might already be a wardrobe staple for everyone, but this list talks about wearing it outside of the gym or tracks. Wearing it to go on a very fashionable lunch? Yup. 

A outerwear that should make the onlooker double look and fiddle for change in  their pockets to shell out for you. Grim, old, damp looking jacket that sits comfortably on your cold shoulders and neck. Engulfing heat inside that no clean cut jacket can do. Warmth empathizes the homelessness of this jacket. Don’t worry about ironing it. 

Yes, its what got Marc Jacobs fired from his Perry Ellis design job. Not really, but it resonates the Grunge movement which was what Marc Jacobs was inspired by. This one has actually been seen on the runway in the past years, but don’t buy it from the cool-kids section of the mall. Instead buy it from the lumberjack section where the word ‘slim’ doesn’t belong next to fit and style. 

The ones that make your butt look like one bubble (not in a sexy rap song way). Comes in handy when studying, writing, or eating a tub of ice cream on the couch. 

Personally Ive never got airplane swag like socks, but people who travelled in international flights have often gifted these fuzzy socks given to them in flight. Why on this list- why waste? They are comfy and they are super quality. They don’t deserve to be shamelessly hidden in your sock drawer. 

Because women’s Tshirts are cut funny. And they dont make the right crinkles that your curves can to an ill fitting shirt. Boyfriend to borrow from or not, these are a good buy to sleep in and wake up to make breakfast in. Waffles for one.

Men’s under pants that I’ve only seen Gwen Stefani wear in the video ‘ 4 in the morning’. Regardless that Gwen Stefani makes everything look like a “must-have”, long johns look “PERFECT” to be in this list.