Quote of the moment: Vishal Bhardwaj

 “My movies reflect my style; hard-hitting yet effortless. I see this world through the lens of my camera – style means holding zero prejudice towards any idea and having an open frame of mind. For me, just what we wear takes attention away from ourselves, whereas style puts the spotlight back on us. It manifests in each and every action we initiate and is not constrained by any worldly norms of the society. The choices we make define us, our holistic style as well as vision towards life.” 

-Vishal Bhardwaj

I really respect the honesty of his films and the stylisation of his characters. The costume designer can definitely sell me a film, but it takes more than the person taking care of the costumes for the characters to be brought out. Vishal Bhardwaj– director and music composer of acclaimed films like Haider, Omkara, Makdee, has a clear cut style and his quote at the Blenders Pride Reserve Collection event explains what style means to him. Perhaps I won’t agree with his stance on clothing taking attention away from ourselves, I do agree style is a choice which can defines us. 

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