Not for the Wallflowers

There are two interpretations of Sabyasachi for me. One where the lady is dressed to uphold a name, to describe her wealth and stature, to be a mystery to the outside world and showing her true self only amongst a tight-knit group/husband. The other Sabyasachi-girl is bold, a non-conformist and doesn’t regard diamonds the only best friend a girl needs. In the past 5 years, I especially loved all the goodness of the brand ‘Sabyasachi’ in the avatar of the latter girl in his collections “Bater” and “Firdaus” done in collaboration with French shoe-designer Christian Louboutin. These collections brought out an unabashed  side of Mr. Sabyasachi which we only get a hint of from his hugely popular wedding-wear creations.

“I like my customer to be fierce.”

-Christian Louboutin

When these two designer worlds collided, the creations of footwear and garments were not separate. This Sabyasachi girl I can get googly-eyes on. She is a heroine who will make the fashion she wears iconic. I want to worship her, slurp a little bit of that confidence and imitate how she breathes. Stepping out of my fan-girl dome; I want those shaggy coats, those beaded little blouses, those clean lined velvet dresses. These garments cannot not be the stars of your wardrobe. They are not meant to be worn only once for a wedding. They are not basic wear to accommodate a heavy jewellery set. These clothes demand to be matched by worthy personalities. The sheepish can skip this one.

Firdaus Shaggy Coat

Those “Firdaus” Sabyasachi coats- full of intricate details and luxury were the front runners for me. Just how the shaggy coat worn by Kate Hudson aka Penny Lane in the movie Almost Famous was.

“But my woman is the kind of woman who understands what looks good on her and she sticks to it rather than getting under the fashion pressures of trying something new every season.”

-Sabyasachi Mukherjee

the coat worn by Kate Hudson in Almost Famous

These particular wedges by Louboutin in collaboration with Sabyasachi was an easy link of the two creatives for me: Louboutin who loves creating for cabaret dancers. Sabyasachi who admits being a sucker for Bollywood dance moves of Zeenat Aman. These shoes are meant to be danced in.. and definitely being stared at.


Both Sabyasachi and Louboutin have a green thumb. Before becoming a shoe designer, Louboutin was briefly a garden designer, and continues the passion by having a rose garden in his Château{source:}. “A horticulturist, I love being amongst nature and I think it would give me a lot of peace of mind..” – Sabyasachi on being asked what would he like to do if he wasn’t designing clothes.



“I have seen a lot of women when they go through an emotional crisis or repression, they either start over dressing or under dressing.”

– Sabyasachi Mukherjee

I’m in! and I vote for over dressing.

Surabhi Chauhan @lovestruckcow