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‘Ranginak with Chai’ for Bruijn

Client Bruijn wanted to introduce a sweet delicacy from Iran ‘Ranginak’ to the Indian market. We strategised a campaign called ‘Ranginak with Chai’ to establish this not-so-sweet and healthy dessert to be enjoyed with tea time.

This campaign came to fruition starting with a shoot in the factory showcasing the making of Ranginak (produced, talent and curation done by Lovestruckcow). We then highlighted three families in New Delhi who have or still have a home in Iran and now in India. Hearing their stories, documenting it in a documentary and photoshoot. This research and documentation was then narrated to the Bruijn audience in format of a zine and social media content - designed, produced, curated and edited by Lovestruckcow.


Video by Aditya Rahul @thatadityaa

Photography by Sarang Gupta @saranggupta

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